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November has been a really busy month for us. I haven’t done nearly as much reading as I would like, both to Boo and for myself. But I am sure that is going to change come the first of December when Boo starts her Book Advent Calendar! I have also been buying even more books for Boo for her birthday and Christmas! Oops! But I digress, here are the books we’ve read in November.

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I have been very busy recently putting the final touches to Boo’s Book Advent Calendar and I have found some truly wonderful books, and one of those books is Boo and The Magic Chair: The Search for Santa. It’s a wonderful personalised children’s book, where your little one searches for Santa with the aid of a magical chair! I have edited the photos in Boo book, so I could share them- but in her actual book it’s her name and not her nickname.

The Magic Chair The Search for Santa Book Review - a wonderful personalised book that would make the perfect gift

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The day is finally here – the day I can share our Message in a Bottle book review! I have to say I was so excited for this to arrive – being part of the launch team was so amazing and I have to say that the book is everything I hoped it would be.

Message in a Bottle Book Review - sharing our thoughts on this wonderful children's book - it would make a truly wonderful present

As Message in a Bottle is personalised you need to order it through the website which is here. There was a little delay in me ordering Boo’s book as we have recently moved house and I wanted the address to be the new one. The process for ordering is really simple, you need the child’s name, and their street and their home town and country and then you can get cracking!

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If there is one thing I love more than books, it’s Christmassy books – I have been creating Boo’s Book Advent Calendar over the last several months and it’s finally finished.  It’s comprised of mainly Christmas and Winter themed books this year, and when I was asked if I would like to review a Buzzy Friends Book I was very happy when Boo chose A Buzzy White Christmas

A Buzzy White Christmas - Children's Book Review

A Buzzy White Christmas is one of the books in the series of books called Buzzy Friends, the books were created by Michael Walter to keep his granddaughter Alice entertained and they follow the adventures of the four Buzzy Friends; Harty – a hedgehog, Treacle – a kitten, Galanda – a goose and Officer Buzzle who is a bee.
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I have loved creating a Book Advent Calendar for Boo this year… as much, if not more, as I loved making her one for last year! I just adore books and reading and I am so happy that Boo does too. So the lure of Boo opening a book each day for the whole of December is just impossible to resist. (and of course it means I get to do lots and lots of shopping for books through the year too – it’s win win!!)


This year I seem to have gone a bit mad on the Christmas/Winter themed books – where as last year there was more of a balance between random books and Christmas/Winter ones. You can see what I did for Boo’s Book Advent Calendar 2015 here. When I got all of the books out to decide on the order I was a little worried that it’s Christmas overkill but we will see.
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