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October has been a bit of a slow month for books, mainly because the majority of them have been packed away in boxes for our house move.

Books We've Read October - sharing some of the books we have read this month

We have made the most of the library for Boo’s books and my husband and I have had to read on our Kindles instead of proper books.
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Boo and I have been in the Halloween Spirit for a while now, we have been making lots of lovely things including Spooky Halloween Puppets and a Giant Witch.  So when I saw that Kate over at Crafts on Sea had created an eBook called 30 Halloween Crafts of Kids I jumped at the chance to have a look!

30 Halloween Crafts for Kids

There is a whole range of activities in the book – and the only issue I had was deciding which Boo and I should try first! Kate says in her introduction that these crafts are ‘designed to be easy, simple and most importantly fun’ and she gets it right! Boo is 2 and wants to be involved in everything when we are crafting, and for some crafts we do it’s not always possible. For most of these crafts Boo could be the driving force and she had so much more fun! Read More…

I love this time of year, it’s time to get crafty, go on at least a hundred conker hunts and do lots and lots of reading. I must confess I have gone a bit mad recently and bought tons of new books for both Boo and myself (getting ready to hibernate over the winter – so that’s ok right?). I thought I would share 10 of the best Halloween Books for toddlers that we have discovered this year, as who doesn’t love a good ghost story?!

10 awesome Halloween Books for Toddlers

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It’s been ages since I have shared the books we have loved so I thought it was about time I did one! This month has been a bit spooky already – getting in the spirit for Halloween I think! I will be sharing some of the best Halloween themed books for toddlers next week so keep an eye out for that! But here are the books we’ve read this month.

Books We've Read - September - all the books we've loved this month

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We have been so lucky this month, to have been sent such wonderful books to review – Boo is very pleased indeed! One of the books we have been asked to have a look at is Sausage and Chips in Space by Rick Joyce and illustrated by Cassie Gregory.

Sausage and Chips in Space - Children's Book Review

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