Well I have written my top ten books for me list , but here are my top ten books that I like to read to Boo (or that Boo likes to chew on when I am not looking) and that I am looking forward to reading to Boo in the near future.

My Top Ten Toddler Books

1. Mr Bear Says ‘Can I Have A Hug’ – Deb Gliori – I love this book, it is the perfect length for a goodnight story for Boo and she giggles when I say ‘fuzzy buzzy bees’. I am pretty sure that I could recite the book without the actual book but if it ever gets lost/damage I will still be able to read it to Boo.

2. Each Peach Pear Plum – Janet & Allan Ahlberg – One of my favourites as a child and now I get to read it to Boo, I love the illustrations and the rhyming, again it’s a great length for reading to Boo before she goes to sleep.

3. Peepo! – Janet and Allan Ahlberg – Again another one from my childhood that I love reading to Boo.  As this is a little bit longer we usually read some of this during the day rather than as a bed time story.

4. On The Night You Were Born – Nancy Tillman – The first time I read this it made me cry, and I love it, the whole concept, the beautiful words and the illustrations.  Magical.

5. Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney – Aagin a bit long for Boo on a night, so more of a day time book.  But it is such a lovely book and will be even better when Boo is older.

6. Spooky Spooky Spooky – Cathy MacLennan – I bought this book cheap (for 20p) when the local library were clearing out old books, it’s a great book, and it’s make me do silly voices without even intending to, which of course Boo finds hilarious.

7. That’s Not My Dragon – Fiona Watts – I love the That’s Not My… Books and Boo has had so many from the library she loves all of them, we bought her That’s Not My Dragon as a special book to have at Grandma’s and she always loves to get it out and ‘read’ it when she is there. Sometime she even lets us read it to her!

8. Nubbins and the Tractor – Clare McKinley – This was my favourite book when I was little and I still have my copy – sadly drawn on by my cousin but I can’t wait until Boo can read it herself and enjoy it as much as I did

9. Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? – Martin Waddell – Another book I have from when I was a child, I it is such a lovely book and again another one I can’t wait to read to Boo when she is a little bit older.

10. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Another book I enjoyed when I was little, again, it seems just so suited to silly voices, I just can’t help myself!My Top Ten Badge

What are you favourite books to read to your toddler and what are your toddler’s favourite books?

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