I thought I would write a list of all the things in my changing bag, probably the same all over the world. The kitchen sink doesn’t make this list but it might as well, I seem to keep EVERYTHING in my changing bag. No wonder it is so heavy.


1. Nappies – obviously, I usually carry 6 or more nappies, even if I am just popping out, I am not sure why I think it’s probably impossible for Boo to require that many nappies for a 20 minute trip to the shops but you never know!

2. Wipes – Good for wiping bums, mouths, hands, changing mats, clothes, car seats that have been thrown up on.

3. Padded Changing Mat – this came with my changing bag, and I love it, it’s so handy to have, especially as sometimes the changing mats in toilets etc can be a bit grotty.

4. Sudocrem Care and Protect – not much to be said about bum cream!

5. Wet Zip Bag – ingenious, I am so glad this came with my changing bag it has saved my butt so many times.

6. Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water – very handy I use this at home and have a travel size bottle for my changing bag

7. My purse – sadly my changing bag has become my handbag, I feel like enough of a bag lady without adding another bag, the only things from the my handbag that have made the cut to my changing bag are my purse and my phone.

8. My phone – see point 7.

9. Two changes of clothes for Boo – Accidents happen, and then before you have blinked twice another accident has happened!

10. 2 or 3 pairs of socks, Boo is a master at losing socks or deliberately throwing them away!

11. Boo’s Red Book – not sure why this doesn’t seem to leave my bag, but I would probably forget it every time I needed it if I didn’t leave it in there.

12. Nappy Bags

13. Tissues

14. Sippy Cup of Water

15. Snacks for Boo – usually fruit

16. Various toys to keep Boo happy, usually Sophie the giraffe plus a couple of others.

Ok so I can’t believe I have so much stuff in my changing back, there is really no wonder that it is so heavy!

The List

I know that Boo is only 9 months old (10 months old next week!!) but I have had so many proud mummy moments already so maybe this list should be version 1.0 hehe. So, in no particular order….

1. Holding her on my chest for the first time in the birthing pool – it’s an amazing indescribable feeling and made every moment of the HG pregnancy worth it. I was really lucky in that I got to have my planned water birth, it nearly wasn’t to be (I went in to labour a few hours after my midwife had booked the induction for after the weekend!) as when my waters broke there was mec in them, and I was about to get out of the pool when Boo was born!

2. Boo’s First Smile – It was just amazing, and I was so proud she was looking at me at the time her whole face lit up and the difference between the wind grimaces and intentional smiles are so obvious at that point.

3. Pulling herself up to standing – she looked so very proud and still does, she puffs her little chest out and makes a noise so we can all look at her =)


Or more recently she keeps quiet so she can get up to more mischief!IMG_0720

4. Crawling – It was so great to see her getting about under her own steam and it wasn’t long before she was chasing us!


5. Breastfeeding – The fact that both Boo and I reached the 6 month mark for breastfeeding (and are still going strong!) despite having the deal with acid reflux and mastitis among other things.

6. First Time on a swing – just highlights for me how fast she is grown and I know that before I know it she will be running around the local playground!

IMG_05727. Waving and Clapping – Boo started to wave and clap at about the same time, she did them both all the time for a couple of week and now doesn’t really clap any more, but she loves to wave….

8. Walking in to her room after she woke up to find her standing up to greet me, it was amazing and such a lovely surprise to see her great big beaming smile  over the edge of her cot.

9. Trying to put her shoes on – I actually missed this one, but while my mum was looking after Boo she made repeated and deliberate attempts to put her shoes on to her feet.

10. Helping Mummy – Boo seems really switched on and loves to help me, be it putting her arm or legs into her clothes, or helping to hold her medication syringe while we are giving her it. I feel so proud when I can see she has made a conscious effort to help, or to do something to interact with me or my husband.

11. Walking with help – Boo can’t walk yet but she loves to hold hands and walk around the house, she always looks so proud while she is walking around and makes lots of noise to let everyone know she is there. I makes me feel so proud and happy and also excited as I know she will soon be walking!

IMG_088912. Feeding herself with a spoon – Boo has only recently started to do this, and she is so very messy still, but she definately tries to copy mummy and daddy when she is handed a spoon, sometimes she even gets the right end! and sometimes she gets the right end and it has food on it!

IMG_1160I am sure there are hundreds more moments in these last nine months when I have felt so very proud of her but these definitely stick out in my mind.


The List

I thought I would list the most useful things I have bought/been given for Boo. There are so many thing out there, and unfortunately we have fallen victim to a few things which turned out to be pretty much a waste of money, but these things have been essential and/or well worth the money. I have also thrown in a couple of my favourite things.

1. Millions and millions of muslin clothes, they are amazing, moping up sick, spills, faces etc. I also use them on the changing mat so Boo does get a cold shock! They were a godsend in the early days of poo-explosions.

2. Lansinoh Nippple Cream – It actually works miracles, I mean honestly. I am so glad I bought it, I was a bit dubious about the price, but nope, worth every penny.

3.  Car seat Snuggle Liner – no idea what these are really called, but Boo was born in December so it was chilly! and this meant we could keep her warm in the car especially as it doubled up as a carrier.  And we didn’t have to worry about not being able to tighten the straps enough, as they go through this.

2014-01-02 07.59.21

4. ELC Sensory Ball Pit, amazing and suitable from 6 months, my only bugbear about this is that it only came with 20 balls which look a tad bit pathetic lying in the middle of ball pool, so we bought an extra 100 balls and that fits I feel.  Boo loves this and will crawl in and out of it now and she actually chooses to sit in it and play/watch tv.


5. Vtech First Steps Walker – Boo definitely prefers this to her ‘sit-in’ walker and it was a bargain reduced to half price and when I got to the till there was another £5 off it, I love a bargain. It works well on our wooden floor as well as the large rugs we have and Boo loves to play with the detachable front too.


6. Foam play mats – great, (and bought them when they were half price too) very useful on wooden floors when you have a baby who had just learn to sit/stand and is still very wobbley. I just like the nice bright colours too.


7. Bright Coloured Hats – I love bright colours and there is something so cute about a baby wearing a big bright floppy sunhat, I bought my favourite from JoJo Maman BeBe and Boo wears it everywhere, I will be sad when the sunshine disappears.


8. My recent Cherub Chews breastfeeding necklace from Burble Baby – reviewed here.


9. Ikea Antilop High Chair – cheap, oh my so cheap and amazing, wipe clean so good, essential if you are going to enjoy the fun that is baby led weaning =)


10. BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Active – Amazing, Boo loves this especially when it is daddy who is going to carry her in it, great for walking around when she gets bored with the pram.  Boo gets visibly excited when she can see us putting the carrier on. (I can’t believe this is one of the only pictures we have of Boo in the carrier, need to rectify this!!)

2014-05-02 12.30.10

I am sure there are lots of other things that have been really useful too, but those where the things that come to mind more or less instantly.

The List

When you become a parent everything changes, something you expect – like the sleepless nights and the constant nappy changes but there are a few things I didn’t expect…
11 surprising things about babies (0-9 months)
Here are a few of the things which have surprised me most during Boo’s first 9 months…
1. It really is amazing how little sleep you can survive on. (and I really mean survive on, not be polite and civil on)
2. After the 6 months mark and we started weaning Boo, I now really miss pre-weaning dirty nappies… who would have thought I would miss those runny poo-explosions… but I do, well compared to what we have now!
3. CBeebies cartoons are actually more addictive to watch than I probably should admit… My current faves are Raa Raa & Bing.
4.  Mummy brain really does exist… I have gone out without locking the door, but the milk in the oven instead of the fridge, gone out and forgot baby wipes (scary times!) and there are probably hundred more thing but my brain has kindly forgotten them.
5. Sneezing is hilarious. As is coughing. I did not know this until Boo showed me the light!
6. The changing table we bought was a waste of money… I always change Boo on a changing mat on the floor,
7. I thought random people coming up and touching your bump would be a thing of the past  when you gave birth, it just gets transferred, am I the only one who doesn’t feel comfortable with total stranger coming up and grabbing at Boo?
8. Up to ten nappies a day… isn’t that what the advert says? Ten nappies… that’s a slow day for us!
9. Little fingernails are sharp! Wow, they can be serious weapons and they always seem to find delicate skin…. just under you eye for example, or necks.
10. Crawling is a super efficient way to get where you want to go, how fast!!!
11.  Mummy’s and Daddy’s phones taste nice, and no babies aren’t fooled by toy phone alternatives… they know!
Mums' Days

I am in no way wishing my daughter to grow up any faster, (the last eight months have flashed past!) but there are some things that I am really really looking forward to…
1. Her first day of school – seeing all the lovely photos of their not-so-babies in uniform looking all smart and proud doing the rounds at the minute has been really nice. I know I will probably have mixed feelings at the time but right now it’s something really exciting to look forward too in a far off kind of way.
2. When she starts walking, I am going to be so proud, and she is going to be able to get into so much more trouble, since she started crawling I already need eyes in the back of my head and about 8 pairs of hands!
3. Seeing how she will react to our kitten, he is arriving over the weekend and it will be really interesting to see what Boo makes of him.
4. Boo choosing her own first pet, both my hubby and I are big animal people and want to fill the house with lots of pets, especially as I will not be having any more children.
5. The first time Boo runs up and gives me a hug and a kiss.
6. The first picture she makes – It’s going to be up on the fridge and then framed!
7. Her first birthday – well, all of her birthdays, I have already started buying presents…
8. Her first Christmas – this falls not long after her first birthday but it is still going to be exciting, all those family traditions we can carry on and the new ones we can start as a family.
9. The first time she sings along to a nursery rhyme, or any song with me,
10. The first time she reads to me, I wonder what the book will be. (I already love reading her bedtime stories and I think this is something which is going to be more fun as she gets older and can understand more)
11. Every time she wakes up from a nap or for the morning because I know that we are going to have lots of fun, and I am treasuring each and every day with her.
The List

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