It was Boo’s First Birthday yesterday, and we had so much fun!

It was just what we needed after she had to spend Wednesday night in hospital hooked up to and IV for antibiotics and fluids because she was so poorly. She is a lot better now, just have to finished her course of antibiotics and get rid of this nasty cough.

She was a very lucky girl who got lots of lovely presents from both family and friends. It was so nice to see her excited by all the presents she could rip open and the boxes she could play with! She got so many lovely presents, too many to list, I cannot believe how many presents she had to open!

IMG_2983 (2)

One of her favourite presents seems to be a wooden pushalong elephant which I bought at a lovely local children’s toy and clothes store.  However Boo seems to find it easier to pick it up and carry it rather than push it along.


She got so many beautiful cards which I intend to save so that she can look at them when she is older (I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to things like this and I may have to save every birthday card she ever gets!)

Boo got the softest dressing gown I have ever seen from her grandma and grandad, from John Lewis, it is so bright and colourful too.  It’s nice to have bright colourful clothes for her that aren’t necessarily pink/purple, makes a nice change.



One of the most practical presents is the smart trike which Boo loved sitting in yesterday after her Daddy had assembled it, and I think will be good for short journeys as she gets so fed up in the pram at times. We will hopefully get a lot of use out of it.


We made Boo a lovely birthday cake and she ate some of it which is good, as since she has been poorly she had become very very fussy about food and eating in general.

I am really bad at remembering to take photos, so I don’t seem to have that many decent ones from Boo’s birthday, but hopefully when I get the photos from the rest of the family there will be more decent ones!

It was such a special and emotional day! I can’t believe my tiny baby girl is 1!

As it is soon Boo’s birthday, I have been looking back on my pregnancy and I have decided to write a list of the things which helped me get though my HG pregnancy. I know that everyone is different and what might work for some might not work for others, but if it helps just one person a tiny bit then it will have been worth it.

I know from experience that telling someone what they should be doing or what miraculous cures are out there doesn’t help, so this is why this is just my list and if it gives any ideas that’s great.  Sadly none of this offered me a magical cure it only helped make things a little more bearable, and although my sickness got slightly better about 19/20 weeks the 24/7 nausea didn’t subside until 41 weeks when Boo arrived. What I will say is… that it was worth it… not that I could even believe it at the time, but it really was.

1. Water – drinking cold water in sips from a bottle throughout the day really helped, I think it helped because it wasn’t overloading my stomach by taking sips and the coldness helped me to feel better too for some reason.

2. Being cold – this was not easy in the middle of the heatwave we had in the summer of last year but it did help if I could be cool. Even as a child with travel sickness being cold has helped to reduce my nausea.

3. Freezer bags… I carried a supply around with me in case I couldn’t make it to a toilet, I even kept them in my pockets and next to the sofa and bed, one thing you do not want to be doing when you have HG is cleaning up your own sick…

4. Naps – the more tired I felt the worse I felt, and as I had to be signed off work for some of my pregnancy I had the opportunity to nap in the day and this did help, though just falling asleep and not feeling sick for a little while may have had something to do with it.

5. I avoided the dishes, and the kitchen… smells.. yuk… I was lucky in that my hubby was very supportive and so he did all the dishes and his cooking.

6. I ate what I could, not what I thought I should… I spent a lot of the early days trying to eat right and what was best but then I would throw it up or not be able to manage it. after a few weeks I started to just listen to my body and eat what I was able to, even if it was nothing but plain porridge for a week… better some food than none at all.

7. Swapping my pregnancy vitamins… I found that I just couldn’t face taking them for a couple of days and then I felt a little better so I swapped brand and that helped me (it may have been coincidence but I didn’t want to risk it)

8. Travel Sickness Bands – helped me in the very early days for a couple of weeks to make things manageable and meant I could get it to work

9. Eating every two hours – cereal bars were really helpful for me, it was just something and even if it was just a bite or two or half or whatever it helped me to feel a little better.

10. I had a month and a bit off work in the first trimester which really helped, as it removed pressure from me of having to get up and go to work, I know this is not an option for everyone and obviously if you have other children you can’t stop looking after them!


And on the flip side… things that did not help me at all

1. Ginger bloody biscuits…

2. Medication –  I know that medication works for some people and I did try different kinds of medication but I found that sadly they didn’t work for me, there may be others that are out there that could have worked but I didn’t try them all. I do know some people find a lot of relief with medication so it’s definately worth looking in to

3. Just shutting up and getting on with it… I did try at the start, but I ended up more sick and it was just horrible, obviously life has to go on, but I took any support and help I could from the people that offered, I didn’t suffer alone (or quietly!)

4. People sticking their two pence worth in… I know that they are only trying to help, and in a way this list is probably skirting the line of doing the same thing but when you are exhausted, drained and feeling like death you don’t really want to hear what anyone else did to make them feel better#… chances are you have already tried it! (so apologies to anyone who thinks this list is crossing that line!)


The List

Today was a very exciting day, as Boo got measured for her first pair of shoes!! She has had shoes but they are only worn in the pram/carrier to keep her feet warm not to be walking about in, we have left her barefoot/in socks to get used to walking about since she took her first step on the 1st November.

We met daddy for lunch and went to Clarks to be measured.  Boo is a size 3f!  She looked so proud stood in the shop and had a little walk about.

IMG_2616 (2)


All of those tiny tiny shoes were soooo very cute and it was difficult to decide which of the pairs to get. But we decided on these lovely Little Poppy shoes

It’s so nice that they take a photo as a keepsake and write down the date and measurement so you can keep a record. Things that will definitely be going in to Boo’s memory box when the hubby finally gets round to make one.


Today was definitely one of those  warm and fuzzy proud mummy moments! I can’t believe she is toddling about and looking so grown up.


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It’s been a really hectic week, and getting up and ready and out the house for a set time is more difficult than I remember!

Boo is settling in to nursery, though she still cries when I drop her off and pick her up, which makes me feel like a bad mummy!

My job has changed so much (due to a complete restructure) and so I left a varied, nice job I have return to a mind numbingly boring job which isn’t the job I applied for when I first got this job and it certainly isn’t something I would ever look to do. So I think that I may have to do my three months and then move on.

I am super excited about Christmas, but really need to get my bum in gear and finish up my Christmas shopping.


I am even more excited about Boo’s first birthday! I can’t wait, and I can’t believe she is going to be 1 already. My little baby is going to be 1!


I am currently sat watching a bit of TV and writing this while Boo has a nap, she is poorly at the minute and we have been to the drs this morning as Boo has a virus which has given her a rash all over her body and the dr said the start of an ear infection too. She is coping remarkably well with being poorly, but it’s going to be a weekend at home, trying to get Boo to have some rest (I am not quite sure how I am going to get a manically active baby to have some rest?)

I am hoping that now the first week of work is over, that things might become a little less hectic and I might just get some more time to blog…


So here we are, 51 weeks after I said goodbye to work and couldn’t help but think, kind of smugly, that a year is ages and it was forever before I would be going back to work!


Oh how wrong I was, I simply cannot believe how fast these weeks have gone!! It’s crazy. So I have a small list of things I want to squeeze in to this last week that me and Boo have before we start work/nursery.  Though as I am writing this Boo is an nursery for the day as part of her settling in sessions (I feel so lonely!) I miss my cheeky smiley baby!


1. Try to enjoy the week and not spend it worrying about having to go back to work!

2. Enjoy my birthday which is this week (how crap is that for timing!)

3. Go to a place we have never been to before – hopefully weather permitting this will be on my birthday!

4. Snuggle on the sofa and watch (some of) a Disney movie

5. Go out for a meal as a family – the hubby, Boo and I

6. Try not to spend the next week repeating… oh my go I can’t believe how quickly my maternity leave has flown by (like a stuck record)


I think that’s everything…

But wait….


Did I mention…..

I really honestly cannot believe how fast my maternity leave has flown by!!!!

The List
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