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I have often said that I wish we lived nearer to the seaside, there is just something so magical about it. My husband feels the same – and coming from Denmark – where you are never really that far from the coast – it’s taken him a bit of getting used to living in the Midlands. So, while we were staying at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales – we took the opportunity to visit the wonderful town of Tenby and go to the beach.

A day out in Tenby - sharing our wonderful day out at the seaside during our holiday to Wales

We had a lovely day – even if the mist didn’t clear off the beach itself – we were very lucky as the weather was nice and warm and the sun broke through when we were walking around the shops in Tenby. It also meant I could half tick off at item on my Bucket List for this year – to take Boo to the seaside at least twice – so one down and one to go!
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We had a lovely holiday over at Bluestone Wales in Pembrokeshire earlier this month and we had an amazing time – you can read about our stay here. I had never actually been to Wales before so I was keen to experience as much as I could whilst we were there. We left Friday morning from Bluestone and on our way home we visited Folly Farm – it was amazing! This post might be a little photo heavy because we had such a fantastic time and I took millions of photos!

Folly Farm Review - a wonderful place for an amazing day out! See what we got up too and all the animals we saw!

I can see why everyone who has been raves about Folly Farm – it’s just incredible. I was prepared for a good day out – and it surpassed my highest expectations! Folly Farm is an adventure park, petting zoo and zoo all rolled in to one and they manage to fit an indoor vintage fun fair in there too! There is so much to do both indoors and outdoors that even if the weather is poor – you could still go and have a fantastic day with lots and lots to do.

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I feel so lucky that we have Cannock Chase a short drive from us, so when the Forestry Commission put up The Stick Man Trail I knew we had to plan a visit.  It is a beautiful place and there is so much to do and to explore. Not only for Boo now as a toddler but also when she is older, we have already done other trails and the Enchanted Forest Walk in the summer

The Stick Man Trail - Cannock Chase - sharing our wonderful time exploring Cannock Chase and discovering all the fun of the Stick Man Trail

We make the effort to go up to Cannock Chase as often as we can, especially in the summer.  We were supposed to go visit The Stick Man trail last week but the weather and Boo being a bit under the weather – we decided to do this weekend instead. We were so lucky with the weather – it was a cold day and a little on the windy side but the sky was blue and it was dry. Read More…

Well it has been on my bucket list all year – but finally (in November) for my birthday my husband, Boo and I made it to Chester Zoo and it was fantastic! I thought I would share my thoughts and some of the photos I took.

Chester Zoo - sharing my thoughts and photographs from our visit to Chester Zoo for my 30th birthday this week, - and can you guess what my daughers favourite animals was...

We got to Chester Zoo about 1pm (when we visit again we will go early and spend the whole day – as Boo’s little legs took ages to get around the Zoo and she would only tolerate her pram for small stretches).  Though for older children and adults the 3 hours we had until the Zoo closed at 4 would probably have been enough time to enjoy everything and not feel rushed.  Though it would be easy to spend a whole day there too! Read More…

Over the summer, when the weather has actually been nice, Boo and I have spent a lot of time out in the garden.  We have a small garden in our house but it’s big enough to get some toys out there and for Boo to have a run around in.

Fun Garden Activities for Toddlers - We have had lots of fun in our garden this summer, here are a few of the things we have been up to

We have been doing lots of different things out there, and I thought I would share some of the fun things we have done this summer. We have had so much fun and been on so many adventures! Read More…

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