I have been looking for lots of cycling themed pressies this Christmas. My parents are cycling mad so anything cycling themed makes a fab gift. When Ellie Bean Prints got in touch with me and asked if I would like to review one of their prints, I headed over to their website. What caught my eye immediately was the ‘Cycling Prints’ section. Once I had spent a few minutes looking in there I had already seen several I liked!

Cycling Prints from Ellie Bean Prints - sharing our thoughts Read More…

On of Boo’s favourite things to do is the throw an impromtu tea party with her teddies. She has lots of soft toys and really loves carrying them around and sharing her other toys and food with them. I knew Boo would be very happy, when I was asked if I would like to throw a Disney tea party for Boo with some special Disney guests in attendance.

A Disney Tea Party - Boo having fun with her new Disney Friends Read More…

I am a big fan of Disney and my all time favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, so when I was asked if I would like to review Belle’s Tea Cart… I mean… when I was asked if Boo would like to review Belle Tea Party Cart I jumped at the chance.  So with out further ado… here is our Belle’s Tea Party Cart Review!

Disney Princess Belle Tea Party Cart Review - sharing our thoughts - I think it would make the perfect pressie for any little princess or prince!

I was a little surprised to see how large the box was that arrived and confess my first thought was ‘where are we going to put it?’ but once assembled it’s not too big and we have found that Boo keeps tidying it up and putting it under her easel in the corner of the room. The box it comes in is larger than the assembled Tea Cart – it is really well packaged. Read More…

A couple of weeks ago, Boo recieved a very special letter.  It was from Father Christmas and it invited her to visit him at Lapland UK and to help his elves! To say she was excited would be an understatement! This is the first year that Boo has any real idea about what is going on around Christmas, she will be 3 in December, so when I was asked if we would like to visit Lapland UK and then share our experience I said “yes please”!

Our magical experience at Lapland UK - sharing how we got on at Lapland UK

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We spent a wonderful day at the Sealife Centre Birmingham and I thought I would share how we got on, and some of the photos I took. Boo, my husband and I had an amazing time, and Boo was captivated by pretty much everything. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday.

The SeaLife Centre Birmingham - our wonderful day out, the perfect way to celebrate my birthday

Boo got a Diving Passport when we arrived, and she had to find the stamps and stamp her book for a reward at the end, she was so excited when she saw the next one and she collected every single stamp! She got a medal at the end when we hit the gift shop and was so proud!
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