As a family we love books, and we love learning too. Boo is already a big fan of numbers and letters and takes great delight in pointing them out whenever she sees them (though it tends to add a bit of time on to our supermarket trips!. I am keen to nurture both her love of learning and her love of reading, so when I was asked if we would like to try to LeapStart from Leapfrog I jumped at the chance! After all something which 97% of teachers* are recommending to parents is definitely worth a try!

LeapStart Preschool Review - sharing our thoughts on this wonderful educational toy - use with a series of special books, a great way to encourage learning for preschoolers and those who have just started schoool

The LeapStart is a learning tool which you can connect a number of books too and it helps with learning, and on each page of these special books there are activities/games at two different levels as well as simple recognition with the stylus. Press on something and it either makes a sound, in the case of an animal or the Leapstart tells you what it is, in the case of a letter or shape or object.
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Now this is a post I have been looking forward to writing all year! It’s been on my 2016 bucket list – as my husband and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for Christmas 2015 – and I must admit it’s taken us a while to arrange to get there but it was more than worth the wait!


It was amazing! My husband and I had a wonderful day there whilst Boo had fun with her grandma. A slightly rocky start with the traffic but we made our tour time slot and entered the magical world of Harry Potter!
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Boo is a big fan of Messy Goes to Okido and I love that she is learning as she watches TV (and I can have a hot cup of tea too!).  Her favouite episode of Messy Goes to Okido is Vivienne Blows Her Top which is all about volcanoes! So when I was asked if I would like to review, or rather if Boo would like to review, the large Messy Talking Monster I jumped at the chance as I knew she would love it!

Messy Talking Monster - sharing our thoughts on this fab talking soft toy from the Messy Goes to Okido cartoon

The large Messy Talking Monster, from Golden Bear Toys, is just as cute as his TV counterpart and I couldn’t get him out of his box fast enough for Boo! She was super excited to see that he had a tail! Since his arrival Boo and Messy have been inseparable! They have sat and watched TV together…
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The nights are drawing in, and it’s getting colder and that means…. It’s nearly time for Children in Need – I really enjoy watching the show each year (this year it’s on the 18th November). Children in Need is a great night and it’s always wonderful to see so much money raised for good causes. And this year Pudsey has got together with some of his friends from CBeebies to create the Pudsey and Friends DVD.

Pudsey and Friends DVD - review

The DVD features lots of Boo’s favourites including The Twirlywoos, Bing, the Teletubbies and Sarah and Duck! There are 15 wonderful episodes totaling ‘over 3 hours of fun’ on the Pudsey and Friends DVD. How fab does that sound! And not only that but for each Pudsey and Friends DVD sold £2 will be donated to Children in Need, which is even better!

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As much as I was looking forward to the autumn – I do love this time of year, it’s perfect for having a hygge time (to use the Danish word) I do struggle toward the end of the winter with the lack of sunshine and light. It’s usually once January hits – Christmas has passed and it seems like there are a lot of cold dark mornings ahead. It’s been a cycle I have been aware of for years and I do have little tricks to try to ease how low it makes me feel. This year however I am going to have another strategy to try as I have been asked to review a Lumie SAD Desklamp.

Lumie SAD Desklamp Review - what we thought

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