If you’re planning your next family holiday, you should consider booking a family cruise. They’re no longer the formal holiday that might initially come to mind and now cater to everyone, making it the perfect holiday for all your family.

4 Reasons why you should choose a family cruise - sunset
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We were very lucky a few weeks ago to be asked if we would like to go and stay again at Bluestone which is in Pembrokeshire in Wales. You can read my first Bluestone Review from April 2016 here. My husband was able to get the time off and we headed to Wales on Monday 23rd January. What a wonderful time we had, and we managed to tick so much off our Family Bucket List for 2017!

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Organising a family holiday can be stressful, especially if you’ve got young children. Far-flung, exotic destinations might not be an option with the kids in tow, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a well-deserved relaxing and fun holiday. Here are some great child friendly holidays ideas.

Top 3 child friendly holidays - family on a beach
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I have often said that I wish we lived nearer to the seaside, there is just something so magical about it. My husband feels the same – and coming from Denmark – where you are never really that far from the coast – it’s taken him a bit of getting used to living in the Midlands. So, while we were staying at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales – we took the opportunity to visit the wonderful town of Tenby and go to the beach.

A day out in Tenby - sharing our wonderful day out at the seaside during our holiday to Wales

We had a lovely day – even if the mist didn’t clear off the beach itself – we were very lucky as the weather was nice and warm and the sun broke through when we were walking around the shops in Tenby. It also meant I could half tick off at item on my Bucket List for this year – to take Boo to the seaside at least twice – so one down and one to go!
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More of our Bluestone Adventures today! If you have missed my earlier posts you can read them here –  Part One and Part Two. I have talked about the Lodge and I covered some of the fantastic things you can do at Bluestone on the site. But what I haven’t yet covered is the prebooked activities you can do at Bluestone and I would also like to share my thoughts on the food we had during our stay.

Bluestone Adventures 3 - sharing our experience of the Bluestone Activities - what we got up to and what where we ate

There are so many activities available – I would definitely recommend having a look and booking things before you go – not only so that you don’t miss out on places but also so that you can fit as much in as possible! The Bluestone website has the full list of activities available and we were also given a paper copy of the activities available during our stay.

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