After writing my post Bye Bye Booby Juice I realised how sad I was about stopping breastfeeding Boo, so I have decided to cheer myself up and write a list of all the things I have to look forward to when I stop breastfeeding her.

1. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine… woohoo, Cherry Coke and Proper Coffee!!I am avoiding caffeine for the most part, except for chocolate (I can’t live without chocolate) so I can’t wait until I can drink as much caffeine as I want, I was addicted to Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper before I got pregnant

2. Bras – Being able to wear nice decent bras, I HATE the nursing bras I have and can’t to wear all my lovely ones I have, and buy some new ones!

3. No more nursing pads – mine always seem to jump out of my bra even though they have the sticky bits, how does that work?

4. Being able to shower/get a bath without feeling like one of the fem-bots from Austin Powers shooting milk everywhere!

5. Did I mention Caffeine?

6. Not having to wear a vest top under everything in a vain attempt to prevent my stomach from being displayed to the world!

7. Not having to pick clothes because they have boob access

8. Not waking up covered in leaked milk… sexy!

Obviously these are all minor things, but it’s nice to have some positives to focus on! Ah I do feel a little better now =)

The List

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The time has come it seems to start thinking about saying goodbye to breastfeeding.  I have fed Boo for a lot longer than I originally intended, (my plan was 6 months) and a heck of a lot longer than I thought I would achieve in the early days (I felt thankful to get through each feed!).

I return to work in two months time, sadly, so I have to start thinking about my options as I don’t want to stop suddenly as that wouldn’t be fair to Boo.  I am feeling very sad about the whole process of stopping breastfeeding, in recent months, once both Boo and myself got better at it breastfeeding has become a lovely time that we share and she still feeds to sleep both during the day and at night.  She still feeds on a night, (one a night – for the past month unless she is teething).

In all honesty it seems that I have an insurmountable task ahead of me, we are going to have to change vast parts of her day. I don’t even know where to start.

Do I move feeds so she can’t feed to sleep?
Do I start sleep training so she can be put in her cot awake?
Do I just stop feeding her on a night or do I carry on with that?
Will she wean herself off her night feed? (I have no problem waking once a night to feed her even once I have gone back to work)

And those are just a few questions I am asking myself, I have kept putting this decision off, hoping she will start to eat more, or feed less, but I am cutting things very fine and soon, two days a week she is going to be without me, (and my boobies) from 7.30am until 6pm. I intend to express so she can help breast milk at nursery but she doesn’t take a bottle and spits out most of what she drinks from a cup.

This big change in Boo’s relationship to breastfeeding is also a big reminder that sooner than I would like breastfeeding is going to come to an end. Full Stop. And this makes me feel really really sad, I love our feeding cuddles and I know I am really going to miss them.  I hope to let Boo wean herself off breast milk gradually as she gets older, and I don’t want to be the one who decides that it is time to stop.

I have some big questions to answer and some big changes to make, and I am really not looking forward to any of it.  I wish with all my heart that I could have longer before I needed to go back to work so that I could just let Boo lead the whole process.

Zena's Suitcase

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On Friday evening we had a new arrival to our house, he is very small and was very shy at first, and Boo really doesn’t know what to make of him yet. She has been crawling after him and also stroked him a couple of times, though sometimes she doesn’t like him too near her and she cries if he meows too much.

He is very social and just wants to be stroked and cuddled all time, I think it will be an interesting couple of weeks while Boo and the kitten get to know each other but my hubby and I are hoping that they will be best friends!

We have decided to call him Fuzz Lightyear.  He has got lovely blue eyes, I am hoping to get some nice pictures of him but here is one from Friday evening.



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