I must confess, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big thing in our house, so when the theme of Valentine’s Day popped up for the Bostik Bloggers Challenge for this month I was at a loss of what to do. Though Boo, (as always) had the answer, ‘let’s make flowers for daddy!’ so we did! And here’s how we made this super simple Valentine’s Craft for Toddlers.

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Here we are with the February update for our Family Bucket List – I can’t believe we are in February already – this year is going to flash past even quicker than last year did! It’s been a bit of crazy month to be honest – I would probably have  ‘unexpected’ as the word of the month! Lots of lovely surprises and lots of fun. I am starting to feel a bit more positive about 2017 already!

Our Family Bucket List 2017 February Update Boo running in the grass
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As you may have noticed, as I have mentioned it a few times, Boo and her daddy go Ice Skating on a Saturday morning and we recently bought her a pair of ice skates. You can see how excited she was to get them here. After a bit of research we decided on these ones for a number of reasons. So if your little one is a fan of ice skating and you are looking for a pair of skates for them here is my SFR Eclipse Lights Ice Skates Review.

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We were so lucky with the weather for two of the three days we were at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales last week. We made the most of it and managed to visit three beaches in two days. It was great to spend so much time at the beach. We live so far away from the coast that it’s difficult for us to visit as much as we would like.

Both my husband and I would both love to live nearer to the sea. For now we are going to have to make do with visiting as much as we can. I took so many photos whilst we were at the beaches.  It was really difficult to decide which one I should use for Living Arrows this week (there was no doubt in my mind that it had to be a photo of Boo on the beach.) After ages spent looking at them all I decided to go with this one, from the beach at Tenby.

It was the last beach that we visited and Boo was using her spade to draw in the sand. I think for me it sums up the fun that we had at the beach and how lucky we were with the weather, the sky was clear and bright blue. I really hope that we can get to the beach a few more times this year.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran,

Living Arrows 5 - Boo on the Beach

Living Arrows
You can see the photos I shared for last week’s Living Arrows here.

It’s been a crazy month, I think if I had to pick a word of the month it would be ‘unexpected’, and in a good way! The first half of the month felt like it was a long dark slog to be honest with you. But I started to really focus on the positive, and it was a couple of weeks in that I found that I was actually feeling positive not just trying to be positive.

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