My word of the week is chaos… but in a good way, (can chaos be in a good way? hehe)

Word of the week Chaos

We have had my husbands two boys over from Denmark to stay with us, C who is 11 and M who turned 10 yesterday. We have been so busy trying to fit as much into the week they are staying here as possible, it feels like we have been running from on place to the next.  We had a very important birthday to celebrate and we wanted to make sure it was extra special.  I know M had a great day and we have lots more planned over the weekend too, which is going to be lots of fun!

I haven’t quite being able to keep on top of keeping the house neat and tidy, or the dishes, or the washing, but we have had lots and lots of fun, which is a lot more important!! I has given me some insight in to how it is to have more than one child, though it’s a bit different dealing with sudden 3 aged, 1, 10 and 12 as opposed to a toddler and a newborn but still being pulled in many different ways is a new experience for me!  The language barrier has also been an issue as times, but we are getting used to that, and it’s a wake up call for me that I need to keep practicing my Danish!

Boo is also teething, we have tooth number 11 poking through the gum and it is one of the back ones, and is causing her a lot of pain which makes her a bit grumpy. I also thing she is getting tired because she is not used to the constant chaos, noise, people in the house, (5 days a week it is just me and Boo and we make a lot less noise… and a lot less mess… ok a bit less mess!)

But yes to sum up this week, I would definitely have to go with chaos!

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