My name is Jenni! I am a 31 year old mum, I have an wonderful 3 year old daughter. Honestly being a mum… it is the best ‘job’ I have ever had! I live with my Danish husband and our daughter in the Midlands. I moved back to England a few years ago after living in Denmark with my husband. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and I share parts of my struggle with that on my blog.Jenni Odd Socks

I started Odd Socks and Lollipops in January 2015 after blogging sporadically for about 6 months on a WordPress blog at the end of 2014.  In January 2015 I changed over to self-hosted and renamed my blog Odd Socks and Lollipops, as I realised that my original blog name ‘Baby Chaos’ wasn’t going to be accurate for very long, and Boo was not going to be a baby forever… time goes too fast!

I started to blog in order to create an online scrapbook and share the chaotic journey my daughter, my husband and I have as we navigate life and parenthood! When I am not looking after, my daughter, and spending time with my husband, I am writing, blogging, watching sci-fi (movies or series), reading fantasy books, playing games, walking, and shopping (not all at the same time, and not necessarily in that order). I try to fit some housework and cleaning in there somewhere but I don’t always succeed!

I am a hyperemesis gravidarum survivor, I breastfed my daughter until she was 2 and a half and it is something I am really passionate about.  And we made a mess with Baby Led Weaning. That is to say my daughter made a mess and I spent hours trying to remove food from literally everywhere and being thankful we have a wooden floor in the dining room!

I love the colour pink and I always wear odd socks, and I am currently writing my very first novel.

To contact me please either email me or contact me via twitter @BabyChaos11