Happy Monday! I have another set of All About Books answers for you again today. I really love sharing these answers each week.

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And so I am going to hand you over to Kelsea.

Hi I’m Kelsea and I’m a nurse in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (think teeny tiny babies). But when I’m not at work I run a feature account all about maps in books! Because who can resist a book with a gorgeous map in it?

Which book(s) are you currently reading?

What was the last book you read? And what did you think of it?
Whisper of the Tide, which I really enjoyed!! It has pirates, a treasure hunt and a beautiful map, what more could you want from a book?!

What book is next on your “to be read” list?
Either Dance of Thieves by Mary E Pearson or Daughter of the Siren Queen

What is your favourite genre to read?
Fantasy, by far, but I read just about anything, especially if it has a map in it! I’m like 99% likely to buy a book with a map in it.

All About Books Week 23 - Reading

Photo Courtesy of Kelsea

What genre do you tend to avoid?
Contemporary, not sure why but it never really clicked with me

I know this one is a tricky one, but what is your favourite book or series of books?
This is such a hard question!! My favorite series is probably A Court of Thorns and Roses or Caraval or Three Dark Crowns…this question hurts!

Who is your favourite author? Or authors if you simply can’t choose one (It is a bit of a mean question)
Wow just so many amazing writers out there but probably my top three are Sarah J Maas, Stephanie Garber and Jay Kristoff. Plus the new up and coming amazing author Rebecca J Ross

What is your favourite book from your childhood?
I had a couple but Blueberries for Sal was one of my favorites when I was really young and then the Goosebumps series when I was in middle school

If you have children, which books can’t you wait to read to them?
Not yet but I am going to be reading Harry Potter to my friends kid soon and I cannot wait to share the magic!

All About Books - Week 23 Book Map

Photo Courtesy of Kelsea

If you could visit the world of any book, where would you go? Who would you spend time with? And what would you do?
Hmm…I probably would want to go to the Night Court and, of course, spend time with Feyre and Rhysand and the whole group!

If you could bring any character from any book to life for a day, who would it be? And what would you do?
Wow these questions are amazing but so difficult! I would have to say I’d bring Legend into this world and hopefully have our own Caraval here!!

For any Harry Potter Fans, which house do you think you would be sorted in to? (This seems like a kind of random question but I am strangely curious about which house people would be in)

Thank you so much Kelsea for taking the time to answer my questions. It’s always nice to ‘meet’ another Ravenclaw. I would love to visit the Night Court, I am sure I would never want to leave Velaris!

You can find Kelsea on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Goodreads.