I love reading blogs, I think it’s one of the best things about being part of the blogging world – I read more blogs now than I have ever. And there are so many incredible people out there blogging, truly inspirational people. So today I thought I would share five incredible, inspirational posts that I have read recently.

5 inspirational blog posts - sharing 5 incredible, must read blog posts I have read recently

Organ donation – My Story – Newcastle Family Life
I was in tears reading this post – and it is a hard post to read – I can’t imagine how Lindsay felt losing her mum, and so young.  And I am also in awe of how her and her brother chose organ donation for their mum and she saved four lives.  In her post Lindsay says that she was proud of her mum for saving those lives, and I think her mum would be very proud of Lindsay and her brother.  Organ donation is so important – and as Lindsay says ‘I believe that if we are prepared to accept an organ then we should be prepared to donate an organ, if the time ever came.’ and I totally agree.

Pregnancy Loss – How to Explain it to a toddler? – After the Rain
Pregnancy loss is not an easy topic to think about or talk about with an adult – and it must be even more difficult to explain to a toddler. It was heartbreaking to read such an honest account of Tara’s feelings, the questions she has about explaining everything to her daughter, wondering about when is the ‘right time’.   There are so many times as a parent when we wonder if we are doing what’s best, for ourselves and for our children.  I am honored that Tara chose to share a little bit about Oscar with us.

The Conception Diaries – Verily Victoria Vocalises
This is not just the one post, but the whole series of them – the link is to the most recent vlog now. I watch these vlogs and my heart aches for Victoria and Ross – they are so raw and filled with the ups and downs of their journey. There is a delay from when they are filmed to when they are published, I cried when I read that the egg donation process (discussed in the linked episode) was unsuccessful.   And each time I watch one of the vlogs I hope with all my heart that they are currently pregnant and are waiting to share their news. I think they are so brave to share their journey with us and I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for them.

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2016 –  Five Little Doves
This is a post that is close to home for me, having been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia myself – some much of what Laura writes is familiar for me and I have to admit I was in tears at various points reading it. It’s hard to read about other people struggling with Fibromyalgia as I am still dealing with what it means to me – but I think posts like Laura’s, really get across how it feels to live with something like this.   They are so helpful not only for other sufferers but for other people too. One quote in the post really made me cry and even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes – because it’s so true ‘My only hope is that they will remember that mummy tried…I had every intention of being great good and grand but some days all I could be was okay’

HG: A Pregnancy Unlike Any Other – Ghostwritermummy
Having suffered with HG during my pregnancy with Boo I know how important it is to raise awareness of this awful and often misunderstood condition – and Susanne’s posts about HG are so important.  I have not written much about as maybe I should about my own HG experience as a big part of me just wants to forget (though that is easier said than done). We need posts like this – to make sure that ladies who are suffering know that they are not alone and that it isn’t ‘all in their head’. We need posts like this to make sure that healthcare professionals are providing the right advice and treatment (I still get angry at the thought of ginger biscuits.) And we need posts like this so that people understand and can support pregnant ladies who are literally going though hell.

5 Inspirational Blog Posts - sharing 5 inspirational, must read blog posts I have read recently

I want to say thank you to these ladies for writing/recording their posts and sharing them on their blogs – I know I feel privileged to have read/watched them.