Lots of plans for the new year! My first year of blogging has been so much fun and I have learnt so much. I have some things I would love to focus on in the next year, my ultimate aim is to have another year enjoying blogging as much as I did in 2015. So here are my 10 blogging goals 2016.

My Blogging Goals 2016 - sharing some of my aims for my blog for the next 12 months...

1. Blog every day. I have really loved posting each day this year so I hope to continue this for 2016 too. I will continue doing a review each Tuesday and joining in with the My Sunday Photo Linky each week. But other than that the rest of my posts are going to be as random as they have been this year.

2. Get organised. I want to have more posts both scheduled and in drafts, I would ideally like to be a couple of days ahead and post at the same time each day. This has been an aim of mine for some time so whilst I am hopeful I am not sure it will actually happen. Fingers crossed!

3. Enjoy Britmums. I am so excited about Britmums in the summer it will be my first blogging conference and although I am sure I will be nervous I just can’t wait to meet other bloggers.

4. Block Tasks – This is two fold, do certain tasks in big blocks like scheduling and taking photos so that I can hopefully be more efficient.  And arrange my blogging so that one night a week I can be completely screen free. Over Christmas and the New Year I have realised that having time away really does recharge my batteries. I guess this also fits in with my aim to get organised with blog stuff and schedule and do tasks in blocks.

5. Improve my photography. I really want to get better at taking photos, I am trying to have my camera as the go to tool rather than my phone . though I must admit at times I feel a bit self conscious about having my camera out. I am also finding lighting an issue at the minute due to the dark days and I can only really take photos mid morning.  Need to invest in some equipment.

6. Get Crafty – Do more crafts and get more of the crafts we do written up on the blog. Ideally I would like to have a craft type post on the blog once a week, we are slowly doing more craft activities but I am even slower at getting the posts done. At least I have a couple of Christmassy crafts in drafts for next year as I didn’t find the time to get them finished and published last year!

7. Facebook – I feel like I have neglected this this year. Well a lot… I just don’t really get Facebook so I want to work on it this year, it’s been really hard work and very slow to grow. I need to spend more time learning about it and using it.  A ny tips would be really appreciated.

8. Increase page views and social media followings. I guess this is just one of those background things that I want to keep working on. I would like to get to some nice round numbers as little goals 5,000 Twitter followers by Odd Socks and Lollipops’ 1 year anniversary on the 29th January would be awesome.

9. Blog Redesign – I would really like to do a bit of an overhaul on my blog in 2016 – I am already thinking of ideas and such hopefully I will find the time to in January to make a start on this – I am not exactly sure how I want it to look yet!

10. Have Fun! – This is the main aim! I have saved the best and more important of my blogging goals 2016 until last!  I love blogging, all that I have learnt, shared and all those fantastic blogs I have read and it’s been a great first year for me, and I hope that 2016 is as much, if not more fun!

Do you have any blogging goals or plans for 2016?