It seems like this time of year is a great time to reflect back and also to look forward and plan. I do love a good list, and I have created a Family Bucket List for us for 2017. I thought I would also share my blogging goals 2017. I feel like I lost my writing mojo several times over the course of 2016 which has led me to change the way I blog, and to change the way I think about blogging too.

My Blogging Goals 2017

I checked back to see when Odd Socks and Lollipops was ‘born’ it was the end of January 2015! I can’t believe that Odd Socks and Lollipops is nearly 2. The time has literally flown by. I started blogging about 6 months before I started Odd Socks and Lollipops and then moved everything here (about the time I realised that Baby Chaos as a blog name wasn’t going to last me very long!) I do love my blog, it’s my own little space to share my parenting journey, but also my thoughts about my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia too.

I don’t want to overwhelm myself so I don’t actually have too many blogging goals this year. It’s good to write them down though, so I can see how I have done, and if my feelings about blogging have changed at any point. I hope that I will achieve them, but I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t. So here are my blogging goals 2017.

Stick to certain ‘blogging hours’ – These will be when Boo is at nursery and an hour in an evening. I have quickly come to realise that I don’t have the energy to focus late in to the evening anymore, I am not sure if it’s old age, my Fibromyalgia or a combination. 2017 is going to be a year I put myself first (after Boo!) so I need to stick to these hours.

Create a timetable of tasks both Weekly and Monthly – This is more for the to-do list freak in me. I like having a schedule and I think that this will help save on time, as I will know what I need to be doing and when. I can’t leave checking broken links for months on end, I want to check it each month etc. Hopefully this will mean I can start to have some posts scheduled in advance.

Share more about my Fibromyalgia – This is for purely selfish reasons, I feel so much better when I have had a moan or shared something about it. It means I can get it out of my head. I am not sure how enjoyable these moaning posts are to read, but I feel so much better for writing them. I also hope that if just one person reads them and feel less alone then it’s a win.

Find and use tools to make blogging life easier – there are so many things out there that can help me speed up certain tasks, or keep all my to do lists in one place. And using them will mean that I can ‘fit more in’ the limited time I have set myself to do blogging related stuff.

Try to figure out Facebook – I feel like I should put this on here though I am not sure I am ever going to ‘get’ Facebook – I can try though right?

And that’s it – my blogging goals 2017! Five things I am going to work on and hopefully crack in the next year. I want to have a fun bloggy 2017, and I think getting myself organised on the blogging front is going to be the best way to do that. Boo is at nursery more now and I want to make the most of the time we have together (before she starts school, which I am sure will come round all too quickly!)

Do you have any blogging goals for 2017?