Well… hello strangers, it certainly feels strange to be back here, though I suppose that should come an no surprise as it’s been eight months since I last posted. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure that I would every post on here again.. without sounding wanting to melodramatic, when I stopped blogging in February I was… broken?… empty?… I just switched off and shut down.

Cloudy night sky with the moon and Hello Stranger in grey text

I would like to apologise to those lovely people who left me messages across various social media platforms, for the fact that I have either yet to reply or took ages to reply. I have not logged in to some social media since February and have yet to check some of my accounts. I wish I could say that the break has done me good, but I guess I still feel the same, only I have realised that I miss blogging or rather writing and blogging was not the problem… it’s everything else.

Early in the year I suffered a second pregnancy loss, and that was the catalyst for me essentially cutting myself off from everyone with the exception of my daughter, my husband and my parents. I do feel like I needed that time to sort myself out, and come to terms with a few things that have been happening in my life, not just my losses but also my illnesses and my mental health.

My condition has worsened to the point that we have had to move house, into a bungalow. This is because stairs on a regular basis throughout the day are just impossible for me now. The move, which only happened at the end of August, has already helped make a difference to my knee and hip joints. These two sets of joints are the ones worse effected by my Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and it’s a case trying to keep strengthening the ligaments without overworking the joints themselves. This takes a lot of time and effort on my part in terms of keeping up with my physiotherapy, which is exhausting and painful.

It’s not all bad though, I love our new house though, the garden is wonderful and it’s closer to my parents and parks for my daughter. We also now have four gorgeous pet rabbits, who are just so much fun for my daughter and I to play with.  I wish I had the time and energy to get more of them, they are just the best pets I have ever had. (clearly they are more for my than for my daughter!)

Other than the house move I feel like the rest of the year has been an empty blur. Though I have spent a lot of time reading, I am currently reading my 47th book of the year (not counting all of the books I read to my daughter). I intend to post on here more sporadically than I did before I took my extended break. I am also going to focus on reviewing books, both the children’s books I am reading with my daughter and the (mainly sci-fi and fantasy) books I am reading in my own time as I feel that this is the only part of our life I feel like I want to share right now. I may or may not share updates on how my own novel is going (currently it is all I can think about so it is growing at a rapid rate).

I hope that a few of my regular readers will enjoy my posts, even if they are more infrequent, and that they don’t mind the change in direction. As my daughter has gotten older, I have felt less and less like I want to share her with the world. And of course she knows her own mind and does not like photos at the minute.

I am not sure what the point of this rambling post is but I suppose it serves as a tentative “hello” to the world.

Thank you for reading,

Jenni x