The lovely Zena over at Zena’s Suitcase tagged me towards the end of last year as one of her ten favourite blogs of 2015.  It made me so very happy – it’s always nice to have people say that they like your blog! As December was so manic I haven’t managed to get this post sorted until now. But I thought I would share ten of the blogs I am really looking forward to reading in 2016!

My Top Ten Blogs 2016 - sharing 10 blogs I love, and really can't wait to read in 2016

I love the diversity of blogs out there and it’s been really tough to narrow it down to just ten! But here we go!

  1. After the Rain – Tara’s blog  is one of the blogs I have been reading the longest, and I still love reading it- one of the first posts I read was a post about her daughter’s reflux and it helped me feel not alone, with Boo and her reflux – it was so helpful. One of Tara’s recently posts about all the wonderful things her toddler says made me laugh so much.  A happy place, showing us that after the rain there is sunshine.
  2. Family Fever – I love reading Kate’s blog it is so busy following her family of 6.  It was so lovely last year reading her pregnancy updates and now Eliza’s updates.  Lots of reviews and lots of love. I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for them in their new house!
  3. Ickle Pickles Life and Travels – Pickle always looks so cheeky and he is adorable with those curls.  I love the range of topics Kaz blogs about and all the reviews. Kaz also does lots of lovely travel stuff too which makes me feel like I really really need a holiday!
  4. Little Hearts Big Love – It is such a happy and hopeful place. Her posts make me smile and her two girls always look like they are having the best time! I can’t wait to read all about what Louise and her two girls get up to in 2016
  5. Slouching Towards Thatcham – I love reading Tim’s blog, and he has written several posts recently that really resonated with me, I find that reading his blog really makes me think.  I also love his My Sunday Photos each week and they are one of the first ones I click on in the linky.
  6. Teddy Bears and Cardigans – Such a lovely blog – and I love the name, it’s just so cute!  Bear, is adorable and it looks like he has so much fun with his Nanny.  I have recently discovered Teddy Bears and Cardigans and I am looking forward to reading more this year.
  7. The Dadventurer – I find Dave’s blog so funny, but also there are tons of posts I can relate to –  if you haven’t already you should check out his post on Parenting Guilt.  It looks like Toddler L has so much fun all of the time, and I love seeing their adventures.
  8. The Reading Residence – totally speaks to the stationery horder in me, pretty notebooks that have never been used that I have hidden away! All things papery – a lovely blog to read, and afterwards I always feel like I don’t quite have enough pretty notebooks! I love joining in with the Word of the Week linky – which is a lovely way to look back and reflect on your week.
  9. You Baby Me Mummy – Aby is a blogging guru – I love reading her Blog Club posts – there is so much to learn about blogging and Aby really helps make it accessible.  There is such energy in Aby’s posts – one of her recent posts about her creating her own blogging planner shows so clearly that blogging is a passion for Aby and the energy is contagious. And if you want a special treat check out Aby Instagram feed – it is gorgeous.
  10. Zena’s Suitcase – Zena’s blog is, quite simply, one of my favourites to read. I love all of her content, I originally started reading Zena’s blog ages ago – and I used to link up with her #BreastfeedingDiaries linky when I first started blogging. It was Zena who gave me the courage to blog about my breastfeeding journey. And that is something that has meant so much to me, so a great big thank you Zena.

And that’s it! Ten blogs I love, and ten blogs I can’t wait to follow in 2016.