I was so lucky to be able to attend my first Blog On which was Blog On X in Manchester. And I really want to share what an incredible time I had. Both at the launch party on the Saturday night and Blog On X itself on the Sunday.

My Top Tips for your first Blog On & My Incredible Weekend at Blog On X

I set off on Saturday afternoon, it was the first time that I have had a night apart from my daughter. I had to leave her in tears at the train station which wasn’t the best send off. But as she had a sleep over at her grandma’s planned I knew she would be fine.

The Launch Party was lot of fun, there were lots of lovely drinks and some snacks too. Even some candyfloss which was amazing! The games were great ice breakers and I had so much fun playing Jenga with Sophie, Sarah and Kaiden – though I lost twice!!

Blog On X itself was incredible, the keynote was amazing, and I honestly feel like I learned so much and there were several takeaway points which I have found myself thinking about lots and talking to other about too. There were lots of great session to choose from throughout the day and I loved the YouTube session from BrummyMummyof2. I came out of it feeling brave enough to give YouTube a go. So keep an eye on my You Tube Channel as I have lots of content planned for the very near future!

Top Tips for Your First Blog On - Sessions

I was so much fun to spend the day with the lovely Dawn after lunch we found our way to the Brand Den. The Brand Den was amazing, there were so many incredible brands and wonderful people there to chat too. I probably didn’t hand as many business cards out as I should have but they came in very handy nonetheless. I came way from the brand den with so many ideas of collaborations and blog posts. The highlights for me was the fact that there were so many amazing new toys showcased – they all sounded so exciting (and the massive chocolate cake we all got to try which was delicious).

Top Tips for your first Blog On - Chocolate Cake

It was really great to have the time to spend chatting with the brands. The Coop were a big presence on the day and they were amazing. Not only did each attendee go home with a gorgeous bunch of tulips and a Coop goody bag, filled with their amazing fairtrade products. But the Coop team were on hand to chat to about the great work that The Coop does!

Top Tips for your first Blog On - Goody Bag

Blog On X was my first Blog On and I had an amazing time. I felt so relaxed and I had such a great time. The event was incredibly well organised. I loved in that much I am hoping to go to the next Blog On which is in September. If you really like the sound of Blog On (and what’s not to love!!) then you can see my tips below!

I just want to say a great big thank you to everyone on the Blog On Team – it was an incredible event and that fact that it ran so smoothly and was so brilliant shows how awesome you all are!

Top Tips for your first Blog On!

Join the Facebook Group before going, you can arrange meet ups and everyone in there is so wonderfully lovely and gives great advice too.

Wear what you feel comfortable in. I wore jeans, a ‘stay weird’ tshirt and bright pink DMs. I was so comfy. You can wear whatever you want, people go dressed up in gorgeous dresses and people go casual like I did.

Take a massive suitcase (and spare bags) it really isn’t a joke… the goody bags are incredible and even with a large suitcase I still needed four extra bags to get everything back on the train.

Take cash for the Tombola and Raffle – not only does the cash go to an amazing cause – The Blog On Community Fund. But the prizes are amazing as well – I won twice on the raffle and a few times on the Tombola as well.

Business cards are handy but not essential – if you don’t have them, don’t worry – the brands all had laptops and paper forms to take your details.

Check out the schedule beforehand so you know which sessions you would like to attend – I found this so useful, and I printed out the schedule so I could mark the sessions I wanted to attend.

And one last tip… seriously take the biggest suitcase you can find!

Top Tips for your first Blog On - flowers