I might love stationery nearly as much as I love books, and I love treating myself to new stationery. I am starting a Masters later this year so, of course, I have already started planning the stationery I will need and buying myself some of it. I also love making sure I have lovely stationery for blogging too, so I thought I would write a Stationery Essentials for Blogging and Studying post so that I could share all the lovely things which help keep me and all my chaos organised.

Stationery Essentials for Studying and Blogging - sharing all th wonderful startionery that I find useful when I am studying and blogging

So here we go, my list of Stationery Essentials for Studying and Blogging;


I suffer with Fibromyalgia, and one of the symptoms of that is “fibro fog” which basically means my memory is awful so diaries and planners are great, I have a small one in my bag for every day things I can’t forget like appointments and birthdays etc. I then have a specific blogging related one, and I will be getting an academic one for my studies too. I also have one which is a ‘day to a page’ and allows me to keep track of all my symptoms and any changes to medications and side effects of those. Ok so four planners/diaries sounds a bit excessive but I have found that keeping things separated like that helps to keep things clearer in my mind. I also love having them look pretty because I am more likely to remember to use them.

You can see a review I did of a wonderful personalised planner from Pirongs, which I used for blogging last year, and will probably be my planner of choice for my studying planner.

Pens and Pencils

I have a gorgeous Cross X Rollerball pen, which is my go to pen right now, it’s so wonderful to write with and I love that it actually makes my writing look neat! I reviewed one just before Christmas, you can check the review of my Cross X here. I also love fun pens too, I have a wonderful unicorn one which helps me make decisions… mostly it tells me I should be chasing rainbows…

Stationery Essentials for Studying and Blogging - Unicorn Pen - What would a unicorn do - frolic magestically or chase a rainbow

I think that mechanical pencils are a must too, they are light and they don’t need sharpening, something which I struggle to do when my hands are at their worst.I found the mechanical pencils in the photo below on sale along with these four cute notebooks and I just couldn’t resist them. My favourite is The Mad Hatter One.

Stationery Essentials for Blogging and Studying - Five notepads and four mechanical pencils - covers by Gorjuss

Notepads & Paper

Notepads are a lot like books, you can never have enough of them, I love buying notepads, I have about 30 notebooks waiting for me to use them, but as I go through a couple a month with my writing and blogging, and this will increase once I am studying, so really I need to buy more!Stationery Essentials for Studying and Blogging - notebooks and paper

I have so many notebooks, my favourite is my notebook which was made from an old Ladybird copy of Dracula, it’s so cute and there are still a few pages left in there dotted about so you get snippets of the story and the original illustrations. I am not sure what I am going to use if for yet though, as it’s so special.

Stationery Essentials for Studying and Blogging - Dracula Notebook, Handstitched Space notebook, Jack Skellington Notebook

As well as pretty notebooks for when I have a specific project in mind I also have lots of paper and memo pads too – they are great for me to write my notes on (i keep an A4 memopad next to my bed so that I can scribble ideas down in the dark, either when I can’t sleep or for first thing in a morning when I wake up.)


These pastel highlighters I found are actually so useful for me, as normal neon highlights are a little difficult for me to read through as they are too vivid and that can trigger my headaches. And these pastel ones look so gorgeous don’t they.

Stationery Essentials for Studying and Blogging - Notepads, Pastel Highlighters, Journal and Stickynotes

Highlighters are great for textbooks and studying I tend to write way too many notes, hence my need for copious amounts of notepaper, so going back over my notes with a highlighter is a really great way of making sure the information definitely gets into my brain and then when I am revising I can focus on the important parts.

Sticky Notes

Again these are great for studying and revision, but they are also great for blogging too, I can scribble down notes and put them in the relevant week in my planner for when I need it. They are great for helping me stick to deadlines. I love these unicorn ones, they were a Christmas pressie


Millions of paperclips, because they always get lost. I found a bargain tub of paperclips in pastel colours which matched my unicorn stationery which I got for Christmas so I just had to have them. I am sure I won’t have any of these ones left the summer. I am terrible for losing things like this, (or maybe it’s the paperclip fairy stealing them…)

What are your stationery essentials for blogging and studying? Have I missed anything off my list?

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tationery Essentials for Studying and Blogging - sharing all th wonderful startionery that I find useful when I am studying and blogging inc notepads

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