I have to say that I agree with the general consensus that views 2016 as a terrible year. And terrible things did happen in 2016, both on a global level and a personal level too. But then lots of lovely things happened too. Lots of things happened in our life that made me smile, many moments where I felt so happy and my heart felt so full. I also read blog posts that made me smile too. And being that I love sharing the postive I thought I would share 5 of the blog posts that made me smile this year, and I hope they make you smile too.


A Special Announcement from Vevivos – I literally cannot tell you how excited I was when an update popped up on my Facebook timeline on Christmas Eve… I have followed Victoria’s journey through her vlogs The Conception Diaries. I have been keeping fingers and toes crossed for her since I started watching. This made me so incredibly happy, what an amazing way to end 2016!

A smile a day from Little Hearts Big Love – I love Louise’s blog, it’s such a wonderful and happy place.  I love that Louise shares a moment of gratitude each day over on Instagram and does weekly round ups. The moments Louise shares always make me smile and it’s also made me find happiness in the little every day things. To focus on those things makes me realise that I, too, have so much to be thankful for. I am so glad that Louise is going to carry on for 2017 too!

A huge leap of faith from What the Redhead Said – Seeing someone follow their dream is always a happy moment. Seeing them succeed at something they have worked hard at. I think it’s wonderful that Donna has the chance to do that. I love reading Donna’s blog and it’s so amazing that she can use her blog to create a better life for herself and her family.

Liked and Loved from A Cornish Mum – Ok so this is a linky not one blog post, but that’s the great thing. Each month there are lots of posts where people share all the things they have loved. That’s a whole lot of happy! I love joining in with this and I try to join in every month. Even the worst month of 2016 for me had positives and sitting down and writing about them really helped me through an incredibly difficult time. Thank you Stevie!

The Message in the Bottle Launch – again this is not strictly speaking a blog post, but as I was involved with it through my blogging it’s allowed to sneak in here. The finished book arriving after seeing it come to life was one of the highlights of 2016 for me. Thanks for Tuire and her incredible vision and the passion of the whole team (which I am grateful I got to see as part of the Launch Team). It was amazing to see something created like that and I know that Boo will treasure her copy, and her wonderful cuddly Kiki forever.

I hope that these moments made you smile as much as I did. I hope that you have found lots of happy moments in 2016 and I hope that 2017 is filled with them for all of us too.

What have been your happiest moments from 2016?