I must admit, recently, I have fallen in love with Instagram.  I have used it for a while but the past few months I think it has become my favourite form of social media.  So I thought I would share my favourite things about Instagram.

Things I love about Instagram - having recently fallen in love with Instagram I thought I would share a few of my favourite things about it and here they are...

The Photos
First things first, it’s got to be the photos hasn’t it. It’s what Instagram is all about! I love checking my Instagram and scrolling down though a wonderful and eclectic mix of photos.  It’s this mix on my Instagram feed that actually makes it all the better. Everything stands out because chances are it’s completely different to the photo before it and the photo after it. Though the food shots make me hungry and the travel shots make me jealous!

The Accounts
I love checking in with my favourite Instagram accounts, seeing their photos, the moments they have chosen to share. There are so many different types of accounts out there, the wonderful candid ones, the beautifully edited ones and everything in between. It amazing to see how different people’s accounts are, some have themes running through them, some are a mix of a bit of everything.  There is something great about finding a new account that you want to follow and knowing that there are going to be even more lovely photos popping up in your feed.

The Community
I must admit I do love connection to other people, and one of the best ways to do that on Instagram is to join in with one of the # communities on there. My favourite is #LittleFierceOnes as each week all of the photos are just amazing! And it’s always so wonderful to see which ones Aby and Amy pick for their weekend roundup! There are lots of other communities out there and discovering a new one you love and can join in with is great!

The Quotes
I know that this might not be for everyone, but I do, personally, love the quotes that some accounts have with their photos, it can give a whole new meaning to the photo, or put things in perspective for the day.  It really adds a whole new dimension to Instagram.  But it is one you can choose to overlook if you are simply there for the photos.

The Inspiration
There really are some amazing photos on there. There is so many things to be learnt from them. Instagram has really helped me to improve my photos, not only for Instagram but also for my blog and in general too. It’s a great place to get inspiration and to see what kinds of things work and what you love the look of.

Do you use Instagram? What do you love about it?