I am so excited to share my thoughts on the third book in The Wish Quartet, Birth of Chaos, with the way book two ended I just couldn’t want to read on and I knew that the series was going to get better and better.

Birth of Chaos Book Review from Odd Socks and Lollipops
I was right! Birth of Chaos is incredible, and I now cannot wait for Book 4 which is out later this year.

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Title: Birth of Chaos

Authors: Elise Kova & Lynn Larsh

Synopsis: (you might want to skip this if you haven’t read the earlier book – instead you can check out my review of Society of Wishes, which is book one of the series.)


A new wish is pushing the weary members of the Society to their breaking points. But as Jo’s complex relationship with their leader reveals dangerous truths about who she truly is, and was, her priorities quickly change. Now, she seeks to expose the enemy lurking in their midst, but it may already be too late to thwart an ancient goddess bent on stealing Jo’s power and destroying everything she loves.

Pages: 360

Categories: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, NA.

Publication: 28th June 2018

Rating: 5 stars

Review: I don’t now where to start because it’s all so amazing! From the cover (which is exceptional – in case you missed it you can check out my Birth of Chaos cover reveal.) to the very last sentence. And now… I honestly can’t wait to read book four of The Wish Quartet.

If the first two books feature Jo settling in to, and trying to get to grips with the Society of Wishes then Birth of Chaos is where it all unravels! I couldn’t wait to read Birth of Chaos after the end of Circle of Ashes. The opening of the book focuses on the aftermath of the events of Circle of Ashes and we see the Society members at their lowest, and weakest points. It’s really interesting to see how each member deals with the events. (Apologies for being vague but I really do not want to spoil anything!)

We get yet another unbelievable wish, this one I really did not see coming. And the wish and resulting discussions between Society members are very interesting and led me to think about the morality of the situation, even once I had finished the book. We see the Society members also battling with the ideas of surviving and truly living.

The ending of the book was incredible and I am even more excited to read to read Age of Magic. As much as I loved the first book in The Wish Quartet, this series has just gotten better and better with each book. The writing is incredible and I love the way that Elise Kova and Lynn Larsh has worked together on these books.

The character development is really something in this book, and I love how seeing each of the characters at their lowest really. Jo is rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters and I have found that she had really grown on me since the earlier books in the series.

Through Jo’s determination we find out lots more about the Society, about some of it’s members, and about Jo herself. I love that we get to learn a bit more about Snow, though I think he will always be an enigma. I have to say I I did not see a lot of the revelations coming, I love being surprised by a book and Birth of Chaos was filled with surprises.

If you love Urban Fantasy, or just Fantasy in general I would definitely recommend the Wish Quartet books, they are incredibly written with unique characters and the world building is out of this world!

Birth of Chaos, and the rest of the Wish Quartet, is available from Amazon* in both eBook and Paperback, and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free as part of your subscription.

You can check out my reviews of Society of Wishes and Circle of Ashes if you want to read more about the series.


I received an ebook version of Birth of Chaos free of charge, however all opinions and words are my own.