I have loved creating a Book Advent Calendar for Boo this year… as much, if not more, as I loved making her one for last year! I just adore books and reading and I am so happy that Boo does too. So the lure of Boo opening a book each day for the whole of December is just impossible to resist. (and of course it means I get to do lots and lots of shopping for books through the year too – it’s win win!!)


This year I seem to have gone a bit mad on the Christmas/Winter themed books – where as last year there was more of a balance between random books and Christmas/Winter ones. You can see what I did for Boo’s Book Advent Calendar 2015 here. When I got all of the books out to decide on the order I was a little worried that it’s Christmas overkill but we will see.

Some of the books I have recycled from last year – they were Christmassy themed ones and I knew they would still be suitable this year so I put them away in January. This was a great way to save some money, as let’s face it 24 full priced books would be a little on the pricey side! I have also made the most of sales and tried to spread buying the books out over the year.

As with last year I have made sure there is an extra special one to open on her birthday – this year it’s going to be Message in a Bottle – which I know she will love, My review of the book is going live next week so keep an eye out. I do feel like I have cheated a little bit as we have spent a couple of days reading it earlier this month but it’s such a gorgeous book I really wanted it to be her birthday Book Advent Calendar book.

The full list (subject to me finding some really amazing books to swap in an out at the last minute – totally didn’t do that last year *cough cough* is here.

Twenty Four Days to Christmas*
Topsy and Tim Meet Father Christmas
A Buzzy White Christmas*
Reindeer’s Red Nose
One Snowy Rescue*
Lady and the Tramp
Magic Chair – The Search for Santa*
Jolly Christmas Postman
Santa’s Sleigh
Happy Christmas Spot
Eliza Crisp and the Abominable Snow Company*
Message in a Bottle*
Is it Christmas Yet?*
Waiting for Santa*
The Snowman and the Snowdog (pop up editon)
The Magical Snow Garden*
The Storm Whale in Winter
The Velveteen Rabbit
Nursery Time with Winnie the Pooh
Where the Wild Things Are
The Night before Christmas*

And there you have it, 24 fab books for Boo’s Book Advent Calendar, all I have to do now is find some wrapping paper I love and get wrapping!

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Boo's Book Advent Calendar 2016 - sharing the books I have bought for my daughter Book Advent Calendar for the run up to Christmas this year - perfect idea for an alternative advent calendar for toddlers, preschoolers, children and teens.

This post contains some books that we were sent free of charge for reviews this are marked with a *, however including them in this Book Advent Calendar has been entirely my own decision and as always all opinions and words are my own.