Well it’s time for me to share my thoughts on the last book in the Wildheart trilogy. And I am sad that this will be my last review of these wonderful books, just as I was sad to finished reading them. But I have heard from the lovely Emily that there are going to be more books and I cannot wait!

Devil's Den Book Review from Odd Socks and Lollipops
I am so happy to say that the Wildheart third book in the trilogy was just as good as the first two books. I loved being able to follow the four friends on their third adventure! As in my previous reviews I am aiming to keep these thoughts as spoiler free as possible.

Title: Devil’s Den

Author: Emily Israd

Synopsis: Something is in the air in Jessup, Oklahoma. 

Part of it is definitely springtime. The days are warming up, Aunt Tulia has a new beau, and the church’s Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive is going strong. And if Hannah Sterling and Jack Corbin are spending a little less time on homework and a little more time making out, who’s to know, right?

But when Hannah and the boys find a badly injured coyote shifter, it opens the door to a dark underworld and a nightmare straight out of Mexican legend. One thing is for sure: come high winds or holy water, no one’s taking this town without a fight.

Pages: 302

Categories: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Publication Date: 10th May 2017

Rating: 5 stars

Review: As I said above, I was so sad to be finished with this trilogy, but the best way to feel better is to share my thoughts with everyone! After the incredibly eventful winter of The Raven Mocker, spring blooms in Jessup and we get to have another adventure with Hannah, Jack, Finn and Will.

I loved the development of the relationship between Hannah and Jack, it’s a slow burn romance which spans the trilogy. It’s written so well, and I loved the the advice the new couple get from Finn and Will. We do see some bumps in the road for Jack and Hannah and it is these little, realistic arguments that really do add depth to the characters, their relationship and the story as a whole.

I found that Devil’s Den wasn’t as dark as The Raven Mocker, but it was just as interesting.  It was great to meet   new characters as well as spend more time with the characters we already know. The third book really does a wonderful job of exploring the different family dynamics of the four friends. It expanded on the discussion in the earlier books. The discussion surrounding Jack’s poverty was particularly poignant. I think that it is really well covered in the book, the happiness of Jack and Grandpa Bert despite their situation, or maybe because of their situation, because they only have each other.

We also get to see more of Hannah’s Aunts and how her large family works, and the times it doesn’t. I couldn’t help but feel so uncomfortable whilst reading about the big family lunch at Hannah’s house which the boys are invited too. Not only does it allow us to see how Jack would potentially fit into this large family, but we also get to witness Hannah and Jack hitting one of those bumps.

As well as navigating a new relationship, and dealing with the upset happening in Jessup, Hannah has to learn how to use her new found powers. Not just how to use them, but when she should use them. I love that we have a point of discussion about the morality of ‘super powers’. It’s such an interesting subject.

All in all, I loved reading Devil’s Den, like the two previous books it was a wonderful read. The trilogy is wrapped up so well, and I think that we leave the friends in the perfect place. Pretty much everything is wrapped up very nicely, though there is a thread left dangling, which I think would make a brilliant next adventures!

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I  received an ebook of Devil’s Den for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own with the sole exception of the synopsis show in italics above.