I have spent a lot of time reading eBooks on my Kindle recently, I tend to go through phases, even though overall I do prefer ‘proper’ books! I have just finished reading the eBook – The Life Siphon by Kathryn Sommerlot and, as the sequel is out this month, it’s the perfect time for me to share my review.

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The second book in the duology, which is called The Mage Heir, will be published on the 15th March 2018, which makes me a happy bunny as I am really looking forward to reading the sequel.

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Title: The Life Siphon

Author: Kathryn Sommerlot

Blurb: The kingdom of Runon has created the impossible: a magical energy source that siphons life from the nearby lands and feeds it back into Runon itself. On the edge of the forest lives a quiet ranger named Tatsu who is watching the drain grow closer to his home country of Chayd.

Arrested for crimes against the crown, Tatsu is taken to the capital’s prison, where the queen offers him a deal. If he sneaks into Runon and steals the magical source that powers the drain, she will return his freedom. Caught in the unimaginable aftermath, Tatsu knows that the only hope is to stop the siphon before it swallows the world.

More and more he finds himself at the mercy of the destruction the siphon leaves behind – and everything he has ever known will fall apart in the revelation of its horrifying truth.

Pages: 297

Categories: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Road Trip

Rating: 4/5 stars

Publication Date: 10th March 2017

Review:I was really intrigued by the blurb of The Life Siphon, and I really enjoyed reading it. I found that it did take me a little while to get in to the flow of the book. I am not sure if it was because of the format, I tend to enjoy reading more when I am reading an actual book rather than an eBook or if it was Tatsu I had issues with at the beginning of the book.

I am really sad to say that I didn’t like Tatsu to begin with, maybe because I have been reading a lot of books lately with female protagonists and changing over to a male ‘voice’ took me a little bit of time, or if it was actually Tatsu. I am not completely sure. I found myself liking the other characters more, Ral and Yudai especially.

After a bit of a rocky start, I found that once I hit about a third of the way in to the book, things really started to pick up. I actually ended up reading from 44% to the end in one go, because I didn’t want to put the book down. I did find Tatsu a little bit annoying all the way through the book but he did grow on me in the end. I do wish that we could have had more of Alesh’s story and maybe some of her point of view as I found her really interesting and found myself wanting to know more about her journey.

This book is a ‘road trip’ fantasy book, in that most of the book follows Tatsu and a small group of characters on a journey Runon and back again. I know this kind of book isn’t for everyone but I do like books like this and I think that The Life Siphon is a really good example of a ‘road trip’ fantasy. I reviewed An Enchantment of Ravens a few months ago and that in similar in that the majority of the book follows the main characters on a journey (so if you like that kind of book then it’s worth giving The Life Siphon and An Enchantment of Ravens a read.)

I found the magic system really interesting, though I would have preferred a little more detail about it. I want to know more about the different types of mages and their powers. I really hope that we will get to know more about mages their magic in the sequel. And I am hoping we will get to know more about the mage Nota in the sequel too.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot in case I spoil things, but The Life Siphon was an enjoyable read. The pace of the book was great, for the last two thirds of the book, though I did find the first third a little too slow. The character development was good, as was the world building. There were just a few instances, where I found myself needing more details. The main issue was Ral. I wanted to know more about her, and for me, a childhood virus felt too vague, I need to know more!

I am hoping that we get some more answers/details in the second book, more about the mages, more about Ral and maybe some parts of the book from Yudai’s point of view too. As you might expect as a duology the book does indeed end on a cliffhanger, so if you want to read both books together you are in luck as you only have to wait until the 15th March 2018 when The Mage Heir will be published. I really enjoyed reading The Life Siphon* and The Mage Heir* is definitely on my TBR list.


I received an eARC of The Life Siphon free via NetGalley in return for an honest review.