Hello Bookworms! I have a truly magical book to share with you today, and I would definitely recommend it to any YA Fantasy fans. It is the first book in a new series by Stephanie Garber the author of the Caraval series (which is one of my all time fave series). Once Upon a Broken Heart follows a brand new protagonist as her story unfolds in the Magnificent North.

Once Upon A Broken Heart Book Review

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From Stephanie Garber, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Caraval, Once Upon a Broken Heart is the first book in a new series about love, curses, and the lengths that people will go to for happily ever after.

Evangeline Fox was raised in her beloved father’s curiosity shop, where she grew up on legends about immortals, like the tragic Prince of Hearts. She knows his powers are mythic, his kiss is worth dying for, and that bargains with him rarely end well.

But when Evangeline learns that the love of her life is about to marry another, she becomes desperate enough to offer the Prince of Hearts whatever he wants in exchange for his help to stop the wedding. The prince only asks for three kisses. But after Evangeline’s first promised kiss, she learns that the Prince of Hearts wants far more from her than she’s pledged. And he has plans for Evangeline that will either end in the greatest happily ever after, or the most exquisite tragedy…


Oh my goodness me. Once Upon a Broken Heart was every bit as wonderful and magical as I had hoped. I really loved being back in the world of Caraval and getting to explore The Magnificent North was just incredible!

I fell in love with Evangeline straight away and it was so interesting to follow her on her journey as she makes some really brave and some really questionable choices all in the name of love. I love that she is such a unique and interesting character. She is so in love with the idea of love and it really is her motivation for everything. I love that we, as readers, get to experience this adventure with her. I cannot wait to find out where her journey takes her next.

The world building is absolutely incredible. I wish I could visit The Magnificent North, it is even more magical (dare I say this) that Caraval. Reading Once Upon A Broken Heart has made me realise that my reread of the entire Caraval trilogy is really overdue. The Magnificent North is straight out of a fairytale and everything sounds so wondrous and so magical. I love the focus on the sensory in the descriptions, it really does bring everything to life so well.

As I knew I would, I totally fell in love (again) with Jacks. I really should know better by now but I just cannot help myself!

I honestly cannot recommend Once Upon A Broken Heart it is a wonderfully magical YA fantasy and one that I will definitely be rereading! I just need the next book already!!! Once Upon a Broken Heart is available across lots of retailers and is due for publication on the 30th September 2021.