I am so excited to be part of the Blog Tour for Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars which is the first book in a fantasy series by Zoe Baxter.

Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars - blog tour review

Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars follows four teens on an epic journey as it is a wonderful and fun to read middle grade fantasy.

Title: Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars

Author: Zoe Baxter

Author Bio: Zoe Baxter is the author of the Star Jumpers series, a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure set in the Dark Sky Park of Northumbria. An avid scribbler, she lives in a world filled with vicious and venomous creatures breathing down her neck, and has even been known to take the odd zip wire flight in the name of research.

You can find Zoe on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Star Jumpers The Lion Roars Book Cover

Synopsis: Four Teens: One Quest: A World of Magic and Adventure

It was no ordinary zipwire flight. Thrust into the magical world of Hadrixia, flame-haired Zara Bulmer and her three teenage companions must thwart the Dark Ruler of Hadrixia in their quest to locate the Stone of Exerith. The fate of the Empire depends on their success…and safe return to Star Camp.

On their journey, the foursome must tangle with vicious creatures like the horn-headed Warnoks and the venomous web-tailed Tarquids. Will they succumb to the persuasive chants of the fire-loving Brozigs or be mauled to death by the tree-swinging Harnts?

The friends join forces with Hadrixian teenager, Quinn, and encounter the kindness of Semyon, an aged wizard potionmaker. 

Will Zara fulfil the destiny bestowed upon her before the sun sets on the last day of July? Or will the Portwall to the Outside remain sealed, imprisoning the four intrepid teenagers in Hadrixia, consigning them to a future of chaos, destruction, or even death?

There’s only one way to find out: 
Welcome to the perilous world of Hadrixia…

Pages: 128

Categories: Children’s Books, Fantasy, Magic, Sword and Sorcery

Publication Date: 18th February 2018

Rating: 4 stars

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Review: I just loved the start of Star Jumpers, it really did ‘jump’ straight in the action… ok, sorry about that, I just couldn’t resist. It was a wonderfully entertaining read and one which I will be recommending to my daughter when she gets a little older.

The world of Hadrixia is a rich and unusual world and one which the reader cannot help but be drawn in to. The varied wildlife and inhabitants of Hadrixia really add to the story, and reading it felt very immersive. We follow four teens who have each been handpicked for a special and perilous mission, I love the focus on their differences and the fact that they all have a determination which sees them through various challenges.

It’s a perfect middle grade, sword and sorcery style story in which the ‘underlings’ or children still have magic but the adults do not. I love that the main characters are four ordinary teens from the ‘real’ world and that we follows them as they begin to realise how special they are, but also, we are there when the realise that they too can change, and grow.

Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars just kept getting better and better, and by the end I found myself wanting to find out more of the story. I would definitely recommend this for any readers aged 8 and up who are fans of fantasy. Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars is currently available for 99p for the ebook version on Amazon and is available as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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I received a free ecopy of Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own – except the author bio and book synopsis in italics which were provided for the purpose of the tour.