I have had a wonderful May filled with so many wonderful books.  The Wildheart Trilogy added three more books to my 5 star reads for this year. I reviewed the first book in the series, Murmur, last week and this week I am looking at the second book in the series, The Raven Mocker. And I will be reviewing the final book next week.

The Raven Mocker - Book Review - Odd Socks and Lollipops

I often find that the second book in a trilogy can see a bit of a dip in terms of pace or content. But this is not so with the Wildheart Trilogy. The Raven Mocker was actually my favourite of the three books. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read book one but I do want to talk about the book.

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Title: The Raven Mocker

Author: Emily Israd

Synopsis: Winter has arrived in Jessup, Oklahoma. The cold weather means a long line of sick shapeshifters, and sixteen-year-old healer Jack Corbin is running himself ragged trying to keep up. But curing the common cold is quickly becoming the least of his worries. Money is tight, the Corbin trailer home is freezing, and Jack can barely keep himself awake at school. When a shapeshifter client suddenly dies, Jack worries that his healing powers are failing, too. Meanwhile, a strange couple arrives from out of town, hearts go missing at a nearby hospital, and Hannah Sterling is seeing a dark creature that no one else can see. As more people fall dangerously ill, it’s clear that Jessup is in serious trouble. And it’s up to Jack, Hannah, Finn, and Will to figure out how to fight the invisible menace that threatens the town. They have until the beginning of Christmas break. Or until the creature hunts them down one by one.

Pages: 292

Categories: Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, YA

Publication Date: October 2017

Rating: 5 stars

Review: The events of The Raven Mocker take place straight after the events of Murmur. It’s great that the books follow straight on from each other, it feels like you haven’t missed anything from the characters you have followed through the events of the first book. Whilst reading The Raven Mocker I fell even more in love with the 4 main characters, Hannah, Jack, Will and Finn. Their friendships deepen and this small circle becomes even more wonderful. I really love the relationship between Will and Finn – it’s such a sweet relationship. And it’s so sweet that both Will and Finn offer relationship advice to Hannah and Jack as their fledgling relationship develops in The Raven Mocker.

As described in the synopsis, events first focus on Jack and he efforts to heal the sick. I found Emily’s description of the exhaustion Jack feels to be spot on. Fatigue and exhaustion is something I struggle with often. These feelings leaks off the page when reading poor Jack’s chapters.

I adore the way that Emily has written Hannah and Jack, despite both being ‘special’ or ‘unique’ they are both immensely likeable. In fact, I found all of the four friends to be well written characters, each with their own charms.  And I just loved learning more about each of their home and family lives in this book. Each of the four have such different home lives, and Emily highlights that no matter what the situation, rich or poor, large or small, all families face challenges.

In terms of families, I found that Emily wrote Jack’s poverty and Finn’s wealth so very well. Jack faces a lot of issues due to his family situation, worries about medical bills etc. I also think that Jack’s embarrassment about his family’s financial situation is written really sensitively but honestly too. And we are reminded with Finn and his family, that wealth does not always bring happiness.

I found the pacing of The Raven Mocker so completely perfect, the suspense was right on that edge between feeling like I just wanted to keep reading, yet not too much that it set of my anxiety (which does happen!) I wanted to solve the mystery, I wanted to know the answers, and I couldn’t want to finished the book. In parts The Raven Mocker is really creepy and unsettling. I loved the introduction of and lore about the raven mocker, though I had never heard about a raven mocker before, but the myth and this story made me want to read more about them.

In the Raven Mocker we also see the introduction of a very interesting Static, Lily Mae, who the teens turn to for answers about the lore surrounding the raven mocker. It’s so refreshing to read about a normal human in a paranormal story, who is viewed as someone to be trusted and someone who has valuable knowledge.

I don’t want to say more for fear of spoilers, but after an amazing start the Wildheart trilogy continues with an incredible second book. I would definitely recommend this series! The Raven Mocker is available in both eBook and paperback formats on Murmur*.

I  received an ebook of The Raven Mocker for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own with the sole exception of the synopsis show in italics above.