There is nothing better than discovering a new series and then realising that there are lots more books to read. Two Princes of Summer sounded so amazing when I read the synopsis, I just knew I wanted to read it.

Two Princes of Summer Book Review Odd Socks and Lollipops

And there are another three more books in the Whims of the Fae series. I cannot wait to read the later book in the series!

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Title: Two Princes of Summer

Author: Nissa Leder

Two fae princes fighting for the Summer crown.
A mortal lured into Faerie and caught in their web.
The battle that changes everything.

After her mother’s suicide, Scarlett’s grief consumes her. When a beautiful, otherworldly stranger offers her a release from her pain, it’s too tempting an opportunity to resist. She’s lured into Faerie and sucked into a royal battle as two fae brothers prepare for the Battle of Heirs where the winner earns the right to the throne.

Human emotion fuels fae power and Scarlett’s is the most potent Cade has ever tasted. He’s certain she is the key to defeating his brother Raith. But Raith has surprises of his own, and Scarlett fits perfectly into his devious plan.

Scarlett must decide how far she’s willing to go to avoid her guilt and heartache. As she is pulled further into the realm of magic and power, she discovers a dangerous secret that could change her fate forever.

Will Scarlett find a way to cope with her sorrow and untangle herself from the two princes?

Or will they devour her completely?

Pages: 272

Categories: Fantasy, Fae, Urban Fantasy

Publication Date: 13th July 2017

Rating: 4/5 stars

Review: I really loved the sound of Two Princes of Summer after seeing it on bookstagram and reading the synopsis. I am currently on a Fae reading kick and I couldn’t wait to get started on this one. I just want to mention a content warning to start, there is an off page suicide (the main character, Scarlett’s mother) and whilst the suicide doesn’t happen on page, Scarlett relives the memory of discovering her mother’s body quite vividly and quite often throughout the course of the book.

I confess, I do love all things Fae, and Two Princes of Summer was a wonderfully engaging and adventure in to the land of Faerie. I loved all of the lore about the Fae and the six courts, four seasonal as well as Unseelie and Seelie. And I want to know more about them, which I am sure we will see in the three more books which make up the Whims of the Fae series. There were parts at the beginning of the book which where a little info heavy, but things settled quickly and the author struck the right balance between information and action.

I loved the main character, Scarlett – she was someone who was keenly aware of her own flaws and this made her a really interesting read. I loved seeing her character develop over the course of the book and I thought she was really well written. We didn’t get much time with any other human characters but there were more than enough Fae to make up for that.

The Summer Fae seemed more akin to emotional vampires, who leech human emotion in order to fuel their magic. I actually really loved this take on Fae, there was a definite darkness to them. Cabe and Raith are the two ‘Summer Princes’ and I think they were really well written too. We see some character development over the course of the book too, not always for the better! We are first introduced to Cabe and then his older brother Raith. I really enjoyed the fact that we followed the three main characters as it allowed for a more intricately woven plot and a better understanding of the motives, and schemes, of the brothers.

For most of the book the brothers are in a battle to become king and to say that things are strained is probably an understatement. I think that the rivalry and distance between them was really well done, and believable. Although, as I reader, I couldn’t condone all of the actions of the two princes, I feel that I had a good understanding of why they acted as the did.

I feel like the flow of events in the book worked really well. There was an element of mystery about Scarlett herself but also about who she could trust. The ending of the book was incredible exciting and I did not see things unfolding as they did! It was so nice to be surprised with an ending, and I cannot wait to read on in the series.

If you like all things Fae, fantasy, slow burn romance and morally grey characters then I would definitely recommend Two Princes of Summer. Two Princes of Summer is available on Amazon* and is part of the Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

I received a ecopy of Two Princes of Summer in return for a review, however, all opinions and words are my own.