This month has been a great month for books  – especially for Boo. She has had her book advent calendar, so each morning she has woken up and hunted for the book which her elf has hidden. It’s fun and Boo loves searching for her book and elf. One morning the elf was riding on her scooter!

Books We've Read December

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Boo’s Books
You can see the full list of the books that she had got in her Book Advent Calendar here. And though she has loved them all – she definitely has her favourites. She really loves *The Velveteen Rabbit and *The Jolly Christmas Postman – which is great as I love them too. I have lost count of how many times we have read them already.

Boo also loves her Message in a Bottle book too – this was the book which the elf brought her on her birthday (along with a cuddly Kiki). Boo asks us to read this as her bedtime story more often than not now. It’s a wonderful story which Boo has really fallen in love with. And her soft toy Kiki now keeps watch in the window when Grandma is due to visit. How cute is that! You can see our full thoughts on Message in a Bottle here.


Boo also got a couple of books for her birthday which she loves, these are *Goodnight Spaceman and *The Darkest Dark. They are wonderful books about space. Boo loves space at the minute, she also got a new space themed jigsaw for her birthday too. So when I saw these in our local bookshop – they were perfect. Goodnight Spaceman (as you can probably guess) makes a fab bedtime story. I hope that Boo keeps up her interest in Space as it’s a subject that both her daddy and I love.

Boo's Space Books - Books We've Read December

Our Books
I have been reading *Interview with the Vampire and I am half way through *The Vampire Lestat, I am really enjoying rereading them as I haven’t read them in years. I have never read the later books in The Vampire Chronicles so I am looking forward to reading them. I am hoping to get a few books for Christmas presents – so fingers crossed! I have also started reading *The Vorrh which is a really interesting read and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

My husband has started to reread *Spinward Fringe (and he is already further along in the story for the second time than I am for the first time – I really need to read this series, which doesn’t seem fair!) He is already on book 3 (so he’s read the prequel as well as books 1 and 2 this month.)

What books have you been reading this month?

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