I am a little late with my reading wrap up for July.  We moved house at the end of July so things are a bit chaotic. But July was an amazing reading month, if a little slow towards the end. I read 13 books over the course of July and there were some really amazing reads in there.

July Reading Wrap Up

I also started using a reading journal for the first time this month. It was one which I received in the June Rebels in Ballgowns Fairyloot box (you can see my full unboxing of that here.) I have really enjoyed using the reading journal and I think it’s something I will continue.

I started off the month with a trilogy by one of my all time favourite authors – The Fallen World Series by Laura Thalassa. It’s an incredible dark, gritty dystopian series which was hard to read at times but absolutely incredible.

The Queen of All That Dies – Laura Thalassa – 5 stars
The Queen of Traitors – Laura Thalassa – 5 stars 
The Queen of all that Lives – Laura Thalassa – 5 stars 

I would recommend this series if you like dark dystopian fiction (it’s definitely not YA), and if you like books, which have enemies to lovers. I think that’s it’s a truly incredible series which asks a lot of it’s readers. There are large questions asked, which you can’t help but spend time thinking about, about the nature of good & evil, about love and about mortality.

There are several quotes which will stick with me a long time from this series including “Once upon a time, we were innocent. And then we were not.” and “I know all about broken things. I came from a broken house, and a broken land full of broken people.  I have a broken soul and a broken heart. This man doesn’t know it yet but all his cracks align with mine.” And lastly “When it comes to grief, words have no balm strong enough to soothe the soul.”

You can see my full list of highlights/quotes for this series over on here. (If you are on there let me know I would love to be friends on there!)

Next up I read an amazing MG fantasy book  as I was lucky enough to take part in the Blog Tour.

Star Jumpers – Sophie Baxter – 4 stars

I really enjoyed reading Star Jumpers, and I am looking forward to reading the later books in the series. You can check out my full review of here. Next up was;

A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford – 3.5 stars

This one was a bit of a different one for me, it was a great read and it really picked up towards the end. There are a couple of content warnings, which I talk about it my review (over on Goodreads) – you can see that here. and I really love that the author starts off with a note about the issues discussed in the book.

The Beginning – Mia Tavor – 4.5 stars 

This was such a great read, I honestly couldn’t put it down, I will be sharing my thoughts in a full review as soon as I get caught up with things, but you can see my initial thoughts over on my goodreads review. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series as book one was an amazing read!

The Coven Princess – Lily Luchesi – 4 stars

This was a really enjoyable self contained read. I do sometimes love to read a standalone. This one was a great YA fantasy novel with lots of Harry Potter references for those who are fans of The Boy Who Lived. For me it was nice to spot them – though now I feel like I really need to do a reread of the whole series! The Coven Princess is a little darker and I guess it’s probably what would happen if a book followed a Slytherin’s pov.

First Lessons – Lina Potter – 4 stars

I loved First Lessons and I really couldn’t put it down. I will be sharing my thoughts on book 2 later this month – so if you would like to find out more about this bodyswap/timetravel adventure then you can chec out my full review of First Lessons here.

Rise of the Reaper – Lorna Reid – 4 stars

Another great YA fantasy read up next Rise of the Reaper follows four teens on an adventure of a lifetime. I loved the writing style and I cannot wait to dive into the next book in the series.

Nobody’s Goddess – Amy McNulty – 4 stars

This one was a little different for me, it was a very interesting tale in which women have the power to make men disappear simply by looking at their face (should that man not be claimed by his true love). For me the book was a really interesting discussion on the issues of gender, power, choice and free will. I loved the main character Noll and will be reading the rest of the series in the future.

And I rounded off July with three novellas which form a series. Shade, Dusk and Dawn were a re-imagining of Frankenstein and the events which inspired Mary Shelley to write the book. The novellas were so wonderful to read and really reminded me of the classic Gothic fiction I love so much. I am a huge Byron fan, so reading another version of the summer he spent in Geneva with the Shelleys and Dr Polidori was amazing. I would recommend Shade, Dusk and Dawn if you like classic Gothic fiction, and vampires.

Shade – Merrie Destefano – 5 stars
Dusk – Merrie Destefano – 5 stars
Dawn – Merrie Destefano – 5 stars

The three novellas follow straight on from each other, and work best if you read them together as one novel rather than three novellas.

I also started (and have now finished) LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff – but that wasn’t til the 2nd of August so I will share more about that in my next reading wrap up.

What did you read in July? Which books are on you TBR for August?