Hello Bookworms! Welcome to my June Reading Wrap Up.

June has been an awesome month as far as reading goes. I read 13 books and most of them were amazing. I also had one DNF (which I just won’t talk about) and one which was nearly a DNF but I managed to get through it. It felt a bit strange to have two books I wanted to stop reading within a week (when I have only every no finished 1 book in the past two years…) I wonder if it is because I am getting more picky or because I am reading more than usual.

June Reading Wrap Up

I am going to do a quick summary of all my reads and I will be doing my best to keep things spoiler free.

Legendary 5🌟
A brand new release was my first book of the month. It had more magic, more mystery and was on a much grander scale that Caraval, which was the first book in the series, and I have to say I loved it even more.

Language of Thorns 5🌟
This is an incredible collection of fairy tales from the countries which exist in the Grishverse and Six of Crows world. They are as rich and dark and amazing as both the Grisha and Six of Crows series.

Ace of Shades 4.5 ⭐
I loved the sound of this one, and I have to say I loved the world which Amanda Foody created and the characters are incredible and I cannot wait to see what happens in then next book. The system of magic is really unique and after that ending… I need the next book!

Splintered 5🌟
A dark and twisted Alice retelling! Splintered was my favourite read of the month, and definitely one of my favourite reads so far. The cover is absolutely stunning and I am currently reading the second book Unhinged.

Birth of Chaos 5🌟
Book three of the Wish Quartet is the best of the series so far! I cannot wait for the last book. I was so excited to be involved in the cover reveal, and you can see my full review of Birth of Chaos here.

Sky in the Deep 5🌟
I read this in one sitting and it was incredible. An awesome Viking adventure with some good characters and wonderful writing. I also love that I got to read this from start to finish in one go.

Dare 5🌟
This is the second book in the Foolish Kingdoms and it was such an amazing read. It was so different to Trick and I fell in love with the new characters. I really love that we are getting the chance to explore the other realms which we are introduced to in Trick.

A Mark Unwilling 4⭐
I love snarky characters and the main character of A Mark Unwilling is the snarkiest character! I love this interesting take on the end of the world and I cannot wait to read the next book. A Mark Unwilling has everything, vampires, demons, the four horsemen and even a god!

Two Princes of Summer 4.5⭐
I fell in love with the cover of Two Princes of Summer and I was so excited to read this one. It’s a really interesting take on the world of the fae, one in which they are almost like emotional vampires. I loved the characters and the world building and I cannot wait to read on in this series.

Chosen Curse of the Draekon 5🌟
I loved this book so much, it reminded me of old fantasy book which I loved so much. It is a truly epic fantasy and I am so excited to see where this story goes, especially after the ending. I was so sad when I realised I had reached the end of the book, I needed more!

Of the Deep 5🌟
This was a Mermaid Anthology and it was incredible. Six amazing short stories about mermaids. I found myself drawn to the shorter and darker stories, but there were also some incredible longer stories which act as a prequel to full length books and series. If you love mermaids I would definitely recommend this one.

Claimed by the Gods 4⭐
Another book with a super snarky main character, I just love reading sassy characters. Claimed by the Gods is a story filled with Norse Gods, questions about the nature of goodness, and a cliff hanger ending that I really did not see coming.

Luminata 2.5⭐
I have to confess this one was a battle. It was a good fantasy book, complete with a quest and fae and an evil queen but I just felt disconnect from the story and the passive heroine. But I am glad that I read it all as I did feel like it got better as the story continued.

And that’s that! I cannot believe I managed to read 13 books in June! It means I am so over my Goodreads challenge, which was 24 books for the year. I am hoping that July will be as amazing!

Which books did you read in June? What’s on your July reading list?