The day is finally here – the day I can share our Message in a Bottle book review! I have to say I was so excited for this to arrive – being part of the launch team was so amazing and I have to say that the book is everything I hoped it would be.

Message in a Bottle Book Review - sharing our thoughts on this wonderful children's book - it would make a truly wonderful present

As Message in a Bottle is personalised you need to order it through the website which is here. There was a little delay in me ordering Boo’s book as we have recently moved house and I wanted the address to be the new one. The process for ordering is really simple, you need the child’s name, and their street and their home town and country and then you can get cracking!

There is the option to preview the book to make sure that all your information is correct and then you get to create the message that’s in the bottle… as well as a typed message you can also include a photo, which is a wonderful touch. There is room for a fair amount of text so the message can be a truly personal note. There are also templates if you want to use those too. I love the message that my husband and I wrote to Boo, and the photo we picked is just perfect too.

Message in a Bottle Book Review - Boo reading

The book itself arrived in great time and packaged well and I was so excited to hold the finished book in my hands after seeing it grow through the launch team.  It was worth the wait and seeing Boo’s face as we read it that first time was more than worth it! She is in love with Kiki.

As we opened the early pages the first thing she recognised was her name in the bottle, she grasped that the message was for her, and she followed Kiki on her journey with such a range of emotions. She was on that journey with Kiki – watching the emotions play across her face highlighted how invested she was in Kiki, and the Message in a Bottle.

She loved the illustrations, and she loved the whale and the owl and that they help Kiki on her way. The monkeys are apparently ‘too cheeky’ which made me giggle. And then, at the end when the message gets to it’s destination the look on her face as she saw her name and her photo – ‘That’s me, mummy, I’m in there, it’s me!’ she was delighted!

Message in a Bottle Book Review

We have read a lot of books, as Boo loves reading (and so do my husband and I) in fact I can honestly say that Message in a Bottle is one of the best reading experiences I have shared with my daughter. I was so excited to be part of the launch team and I love reading Message in a Bottle to her.

If you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, or just looking to buy a truly remarkable, immersive children’s book then I cannot recommend Message in a Bottle highly enough. We adore ours and I think it’s going to be a firm favourite for years to come.

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We were sent a copy of Message in a Bottle as part of being in the launch team, however all opinions and words are my own. 

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