It’s really important to my husband and I that Boo grows up being able to speak different languages. After all she has family in lots of different countries. My husband is half Danish and half Dutch and so he has family in Denmark and Holland. So, obviously, Danish and Dutch are two languages we really want Boo to be able to speak. My husband often speaks Danish to Boo, though at the minute she prefers to answer in English. It is amazing what she can understand though. And she will tell her daddy, (and sometimes me), that she loves us in Danish which is very cute!

The Great Francais Words Search Review

Languages are, hopefully going to be a big part of Boo’s life. So when Alex from One Third Stories got in touch with an idea for a book which starts in English and ends in another language and asked if we would like to take a look at a draft version, I said ‘yes please!’.  I love the idea of learning new words and a new language through stories, and we all love reading so it’s perfect for us!Books We've Read December 2017 - Boo Reading

The little draft Spanish book came with a wonderful letter for Boo. She was very impressed that she got a letter especially for her. We read the little story, which forms the start of the book (which has just been launched) and slowly the Spanish words crept in, Boo found it really interesting and asked lots of questions. Then we shared our ideas for how the story could continue with Alex. It’s great to have been involved in something like this – I really love the whole concept of the One Third Stories. I think it’s so important for us all to learn different languages and I feel sad that my Danish knowledge seems to be slowly fading as I can’t use it as often as I would like. So something like this, in all sorts of different languages would be amazing!

Skip forward a few months… and now, the books are launched! There are two different versions a Spanish and a French one. Alex sent Boo a copy of ‘The Great Francais Word Search’ to say thank you for her help. We didn’t have to share our thoughts with you, but I just love the book and the idea that I just had too. And I signed up for the French One Third Stories Subscription Box for Boo too. The book comes with a free audiobook, the story read by a native speak of the language which is great to help with pronunciation (I haven’t spoken or heard much French since I was at school!).The Great Francais Word Search Page

The illustrations for the books are amazing, Boo loves the pictures. The story is engaging and Boo often asks lots of questions about the stories and the pictures. She loves to say the new words and to look at the flashcards that came with the book too. They have pictures and the words on them in both languages, so even though Boo can’t read yet she can still get a lot out of them.

One Third Stories are a wonderful way in to the world of languages for children, and I would definitely recommend them!

We were involved in the feedback process and we were sent a copy of The Great Francais Word Search to say thank you, however I was not asked to write this post but I wanted to share our thoughts as I think they are fab!