I have had such an incredible reading month! It’s been an interesting month as the majority of the books I have read have been those which I have agreed to review, either as part of blog tours or because I have been asked by the author.

September 2018 Reading Wrap Up - bookshelves, book organised by colour
I love that there has been this shift in my reading focus for this month, and I love that I am being asked to share my thoughts on all of these wonderful books. I have had some great feedback about the books I have reviews and then readers have gone out and bought and read. I love to know what you think of the books I review, so if you do ever read one please let me know.

So here, in order, are the books I have read this month.

Violet Souls – 3.25 stars
Paranormal Fantasy with some wonderful characters and some very interesting worldbuilding. A bit of a change for me as I haven’t read much Sci-Fi lately but I really enjoyed it. You can see my review, as part of the blog tour for Violet Souls – here.

The Blood King – 4 stars
An incredible young adult dystopian novel and the incredible start to The Brighton Duology. You can see my review of The Blood King here. I also read and reviewed the second novel of the duology The Golden City towards the end of September, so please see below.

Prisoner of Darkness – 5 stars
The second book in a young adult fantasy series called Whims of the Fae. The first book of the series Two Princes of Summer was amazing and you can see my review of that here. I will be sharing my thoughts on Prisoner of Darkness later this month.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely – 5 stars
A beautiful retelling of Beauty and the Beast – I loved reading it, and I was overjoyed to be granted access to an ARC via NetGalley. It’s out in January 2019 and I would definitely recommend! I will be sharing my full review of A Curse So Dark and Lonely next month so do pop back and check it out.

The Amber Maze – 3.5 stars
Something a little different for me, but a thoroughly enjoyable read. A contemporary mystery which was very intriguing and the style of writing was truly beautiful. You can see my review as part of the blog tour here.

Gangster School – 5 stars
This was a wonderful middle grade fiction – set in a school for criminals and following two friends, Gangster School was a hilarious and memorable read, which celebrates the friendship and being yourself. You can see my review on the second book in this series here… with a few thoughts on the first book too.

Gangster School 2: The Brotherhood of Brimstone – 5 stars
I loved this one every bit as much as the first book. It was wonderful to read more adventures at Blaggards and I would definitely recommend both books in the series to any readers aged 8 – 12 years. If you fancy a look the review is here.

The Barefoot Road – 4 stars
A dark and enchanting historical fiction which explores the nature of man and the evil that can arise from the smallest of acts. It was a haunting and truly memorable read. You can see my review as part of the blog tour for The Barefoot Road here.

Three Bloody Pieces – 5 stars
A historical fantasy fiction filled with witches, plotting and magic. I fell in love with the main character after only a few chapters and I cannot wait to read on in the series. You can see my review of Three Bloody Pieces here and the cover reveal for the second book in the series here.

Radiance – 5 stars
The first book in a fantasy series, filled with dark magic, and two people who despite their differences fall in love. I loved the fresh take on the traditional fantasy, the writing was incredible and I cannot wait to read the next book. I will be sharing my review of Radiance next month.

Prince of Gods – 5 stars
A short story which explores the history of The Wish Quartet series, although the events happen before book one, it’s worth waiting until after book 3 Birth of Chaos (and before book 4 Age of Magic) to read Prince of Gods – I will be sharing my review of book 4 of the Wish Quartet tomorrow and will detail more of my thoughts on Prince of Gods there too.

The Golden City – 4.5 stars
The second book in The Brighton Duology, which was even more amazing than the first book! It was a truly incredible ending to a great series, you can see my thoughts on The Golden City here.

Eternal Seas – 5 stars
Another Middle Grade (8-12 years) fantasy, which focuses on the quest of two siblings Finn and Aria. The world building is incredible and I would definitely recommend for any younger fantasy fans. You can see my review of Eternal Seas, which was part of a blog tour, here.

Age of Magic – 5 stars
An incredible conclusion to the four book series, The Wish Quartet. Age of Magic is the best book yet! Fantastic world building, amazing characters and a very dramatic ending! I loved it but I am also sad that the series is over. I will be sharing my review of this book tomorrow, so do pop back.

Rock-A-Bye-Baby – 4.5 stars
This was a really interesting take on the Sand Man myths, which features a sand maiden! The first in a series of books, Rock-A-Bye-Baby contains a wonderful world with some incredible lore. And after it’s cliffhanger ending I cannot wait to read on!

Time’s Convert – 5 stars
It was so wonderful to be back in the world of All Souls – it was a really wonderful read more about Marcus’ past. I will definitely be reread this one. It’s beautifully written and so interesting, I really hope that we get more book set in this world because I really want to know more about all of the characters.

Which books have you read this month?