This year has been the first year that Boo has had any idea of what is going on at Christmas.  And at nearly three she is full of observations about the whole process.  We’ve been lucky enough to see Father Christmas twice already this year. Once at Lapland UK because we were lucky enough to be invited to go. And once at Birches Valley as that is where we go each year, where the children get a lovely baby Christmas Tree from Father Christmas. We still have the ones from Boo’s visits last year and the year before.

Boo and Father Christmas

Boo had a truly magical time on our first visit to Father Christmas at Lapland UK. On our way to see Father Christmas, whilst we were exploring the Elf Village, we stopped off at the Post Office. Boo wrote her letter to Father Christmas. As she ‘wrote’ on the paper she read out loud what she was writing; ‘Dear Father Christmas, I love you, Love from Boo’ and that was that! It was so adorable, not only what she wrote but that she said it aloud too.

When we got to see Father Christmas, Boo told him, when asked, that she would like some toy glasses for Christmas.  He said he would see what he could do. Towards the end of her visit with him, he gave her a wonderful toy husky (which Boo has called Lulu). We got outside and Boo turned to my husband and said ‘oh no, he gave me the wrong present, this isn’t toy glasses!’ It was so cute and so funny, we explained that the husky was for helping his elves that day, and that, maybe she would get some toy glasses for Christmas Day. Boo loves Lulu now, and she is very happy!

Our second visit to Father Christmas was even funnier.  Boo said, once we got there, that ‘I don’t want to see Father Christmas, I’ve seen him already’. Well I can’t argue with that. We then asked if she would go in with her younger cousin to see Father Christmas, and she agreed. Once we got in there, my nephew, who is only 1 and a half, was a bit wary. But Boo walked straight up to Father Christmas and chatted away. Though she managed to look grumpy on every photo! When Father Christmas asked what Boo would like for Christmas she replied ‘I hear you’ve got a present for me.’ I am not sure how I managed not to giggle!

Boo was very happy with her tree, and she is still hoping for some toy glasses for Christmas (which is infinitely better than the ‘big big big trampoline’ she was telling anyone who would listen, that Father Christmas was getting her!). Boo has come out with some Christmas Crackers, and it’s not even December yet! I can’t wait to hear what else she has to say about Christmas.

Little Hearts, Big Love