I am more than a bit late with this, as Boo has been 2 for nearly a month now but better late than never right? I haven’t done an update for a while and I thought as a birthday was a big milestone I would write another update. Boo’s 2 year update. That sounds scary! I can’t believe she is 2!

Boo's 2 Year Update - sharing how Boo is getting on now that she is two (and has been for a month)

I haven’t had Boo weighed for a while so I have no clue how much she weighs, I am going to go with heavy as she is getting too heavy for me to carry for long periods of time. Luckily she loves to walk everywhere now!

Boo is now 85 cm tall.

Boo is in size 2-3 years in clothing, some trousers are a little long (takes after me as I still have that problem).  She prefers leggings or shorts and tights to dresses as they get in the way of her having fun!

Boo is still a size 5 which she has been for months – which means I have no excuse (I mean reason) to buy lots of new shoes for Boo. She still prefers her wellies to all of her other shoes, though in the January sales I saw some cute little trainers and she calls them her dancing shoes.

Boo talks, a lot! She speaks in full sentences and the amount of words she knows is scary! I can’t believe how fast she picks things up (note to self be careful what I say around her as she copies everything…). I shared a video of her saying the ’round and round the garden’ rhyme on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. She loves singing and her favourite song is Wind the Bobbin Up – which she can now sing through and do all the actions too. Boo is getting cheekier by the day and we have finally started to leave the ‘It’s mine!’ phase and we have entered the ‘Shhh mummy’ phase.

Numbers and Letters
Boo can count to 20 now and she loves counting stairs and toys, she also has a jigsaw with the numbers and can recognise a lot of the numbers 1-10 now too.  We have started learning letters again with the help of a wooden jigsaw, she can now recognise and name some, and if I ask her to get certain letters she can find them and bring them to me, and she loves learning them so much I am hoping we can learn the rest of them soon too.

Boo’s favourite toys are her wooden jigsaws, her train set and her wooden kitchen – these were Christmas gifts so I am feeling like we made good choices! Boo will sit for ages doing her jigsaws and there are three that she has to do in a row and then she lines them up after she has done them. It’s super sweet but it can sometimes take a while when we have to finishing up doing all three jigsaws before she will let us go anywhere!

We are still going! I am so pleased we have made it and gone past two year mark.  We are feeding only twice a day now, first thing in a morning and last thing before bed.  Boo doesn’t feed for as long any more but I think she gets a lot of comfort out of it.  So we will carry on until she self weans.

Boo has finally started to eat more and she is off her reflux medication – it really feels like we have turned a corner.  She still doesn’t like to eat fruit very much as that used to set off her acid quite badly so I think that’s going to take a bit more time.  Boo loves eating lots of different types of food now, which makes meal times a lot easier and less stressful!

Boo loves climbing and running and jumping and doing anything that doesn’t involve sitting still! She is always on the go and her favourite time of the week is her gymnastic class – she has so much fun and she loves the new older class she is in. She loves to climb to the top of the ladders and shout ‘look at me, mummy, look at me!’

Favourite films are Frozen and the Lion King she would watch them over and over all day if she could! Her favourite food is chocolate (Christmas has a lot of answer for!). Her favourite clothes is a Pudsey Bear outfit I bought her for Children in Need which has a cape which can be attached to the top – Boo love s to wear it and yells ‘superheros away’ as she runs around. And her favourite shoes are still her wellies.

I love writing these updates – and I know I am going to love reading them back in the future.

Little Hearts, Big Love