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My husband and I bought Boo a camera for her 3rd birthday. It’s a *VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera. She has had such fun with it already, (her birthday was only 2 and a half weeks ago and already she had taken over 200 photos!) I thought that I would share some of the photos she had taken each month – so that I can look back and see how they change. And also see what it is that Boo likes to take photos of.

Boo's Photos - December 2016 - sharing the photos my toddler has taken

So here are six of my favourite photos that Boo has taken so far.

These first four are in the order that she took them (though there were lots in between – and lots of black ones – or white ones when the flash went crazy). I love that after a short while Boo was already playing around with the different filters on the camera. She also stopped taking random photos in burst quicker than I thought she would and started to choose what she was going to take her photos of.

Boo's Photos December 2016

Photo 1 – shows Boo’s favourite filter, the rainbow one. And was taken at the click whenever and see what happens stage. I love how the teddy has snuck in to the photo!

Photo 2 – obviously it’s Boo’s foot – we have lots of these – clearly Boo likes her own feet (and she has started to wear odd socks – ‘like mummy’ so we have lots of her socks too!

Photo 3 – Black and White filter discovered (the filters are changed by turning the front of the camera – in the way that ‘proper cameras’ focus – Boo loves this feature and often changes the filters as she wanders round snapping!

Photo 4 – a close up of the cube which we have in the middle of the living room, which serves as a mini coffee table (but mainly Boo just posts all of the pens she can find in to it). It’s still very blurry but I loved how Boo rested her camera on the cube to take this photo. It’s wonderful to see the decisions she makes and to see her little serious face when she is taking photos.

And now on to the selfies! The Kiddizoom has two cameras, switching between the two is easy so we do have a lot of selfies – I love them – the first one I found that Boo had taken was this lovely black and white one.

Boo's Photos December 2016 - Black and White Selfie

The second is a photo of Boo wearing the toy glasses that she asked Father Christmas for. This is my favourite photo that she has taken so far, she just looks so cute!

Boo's Photos December 2016 - Glasses

I am hoping that in the photos for next month I might even have a full face selfie Boo has taken to share! I really can’t wait to see the photos Boo decides to take.

Do your children like to take photos?

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