I have another wonderful batch of Boo’s photos to share with you again! She is still having lots of fun with her camera, and has started to ask to use it more and more. Though for some reason she doesn’t want to take it outside yet (which is maybe just as well as the weather has been awful!)

Boo's Photos January 2017 - Boo with her Camera

The window in our living room has provided a lot of the inspiration for the photos Boo has taken this month. She has been keen to capture the different weather we have had, and I think it’s great that she is wanting to take photos and talk about the changes in the weather. The first photo I want to share is this one, Boo was desperate to capture the ‘pink clouds’ and I think she did a great job with this one, stood on the windowsill snapping away.

Boo's Photos January Pink Clouds

The second one I want to share is from the same evening, she just took so many photos. And she was so proud when she was showing them to me and her daddy. It’s great to see how excited she is by taking photos and then sharing them with other people too.

Boo's Photos January Sunset

The next photo on my list of favourites is this one, Boo was so excited about the snow. And she thought it was awesome that the car was covered in it too. She got a few photos of people walking in the snow past our house too.

Boo's Photos January Snowy Car

Boo has also started to take photos of things she wants to remember, like this list of different yoga poses, she had great fun doing them and wanted to take a photo of the list, which was on my phone.

Boo's Photos January Boo's Yoga Photo

And then we have Boo’s artworks, she drew a picture of Happy from Hey Duggee! And she wanted to take a photo of it. She was so proud of her artwork and so proud of her photo too! It’s so interesting to see what she decides to take photos of and also to see which photos she wants to share too. It’s a great way to see what she loves doing and I just love that she is so happy and proud.

Boo's Photos January Boo's Drawing of Happy

And last but not least, this list wouldn’t be complete without a selfie would it! And why not add stars!

Boo's Photos January - Selfie with stars

As you can see the photos with natural light seem to be a lot clearer on her camera, I am hoping to try to convince Boo to take her camera outside this month so she can take photos of the things we find on our adventures!

If you want to see what Boo was taking photo of last month, you can check that out here! And you can also check out our full review of the Vtech Kidizoom Duo Camera.