I couldn’t let today pass without posting a little something to say Happy 4th Birthday to my gorgeous daughter. 4 years ago at exactly 12 noon she arrived and changed my world. The past four years have been the most incredible years of my life. The most exhausting, crazy, wonderful 4 years.

Happy 4th Birthday! Balloons

We kicked off the celebrations at the weekend with a wonderful birthday party, which despite the snow (and the entertainment cancelling on us 5 minutes before the party started) we all had the most amazing time. My daughter invited all of her friends from nursery and it was lovely to see them all playing together. Though wow it was really loud!

The weekend was an extended one due to some snow days (meaning that the class teddy, which came to stay with us for the weekend, had to extend it’s stay! Monday and Tuesday were both snow days here. My daughter loved the snow so much (though she was sad about the fact that her nursery was closed). We made the most of the snow… we made a huge snowman in the garden and had a snowball fight too.

And today, the big day, her school nursery was finally opened again, meaning much to her joy she could go, and luckily her Christmas performance (which had originally been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon) was rearranged for this afternoon.  She was really excited to have a Christmas Production on her birthday. She had a great time singing and dancing and all of the children were amazing.

Just before bed I asked my daughter what her favourite part of of her birthday was, expecting her to choose a favourite present or being at nursery again but she surprised me (like she always does) and said it was the time she spent with me! I feel so loved today!

I can’t believe my little baby is already four. Where does the time go?