Potty training has been looming on the horizon for a while now – in a way it’s really exciting to think that the end of nappies isn’t too far away – but in all honesty I am dreading potty training.  The horror stories, the mess, the endless accidents, the tears (all mine of course).

I am very excited to tell you that we are Huggies Pull Ups ambassadors and we are going to be sharing our potty training journey on the blog and in a series of vlogs!

Boo is at the stage where she seems to be interested in the potty (some days) and will ask to sit on it or the loo sometimes when she needs to go to the loo but she will then lose all interest for a couple of weeks and won’t even tell me when she needs a nappy change (and usually run off and hide so I can’t change her nappy).  She is only just 2.5 so I am happy to follow her lead, but her interested days are getting more frequent and she gets so proud the few times she has ‘hit the potty’ so the time is upon us!

My Sunday Photo 29th May 2016

But I am happy to say that I don’t have to worry so much about potty training as we are Huggies Pull-Ups ambassadors!! I am over the moon to have been chosen to work with Huggies Pull-Ups and share our potty training journey.

The plan is to share our journey through a series of blog posts and vlogs – so I will be putting my big girls pants on and try to be brave in front of the camera! You can check out my YouTube channel here , I will be working on it over the next few weeks!

And right now there is a special offer on in ASDA stores which means that Huggies Pull Ups are only £2 per pack – which is great if, like us, your little one is just starting out on their potty training journey!

Huggies Pull Ups Asda Offer - £2 per pack

We are going to be working alongside some amazing bloggers so check out their blogs too to follow their potty training journeys with Huggies Pull-Ups.

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Proud to be a Huggies Pull-Ups Blogger