It’s been a while since I have done an update on our potty training journey. As part of our work as Huggies Pull Ups Ambassadors we have been vlogging about Boo’s potty training journey – you can see our first update here and the second one here. As I said in my last update – things went really well for us – and we cracked it in about a week – both night and day. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Potty Training Blips and How to Deal with them!

But it’s been a few months now since we potty trained Boo and it’s not all been plain sailing – so I thought I would share the blips we have had in the months between then and now, and more importantly how we sorted them!

It’s been a busy couple of months since we potty trained during the summer. We’ve moved house and Boo has changed nursery. These are two big things in the life of a toddler and they happened at the same time, so Boo had a lot to get used too. Not only that but at her new nursery the toilet set up was obviously different (though she loves the ‘magic’ taps which have motion sensors on). Anyway, the result of all this change was a potty training blip.

Now, I must confess, whilst I stayed calm, after a few of these accidents my first thoughts were of panic… of having to start again… of her always having accidents (I love how dramatic I can be!). But then I thought about it, and my husband and I agreed to just start bringing back the techniques we had used during potty training, so reminding her about the fact that she had to go to the toilet, asking her if she needs it and keeping an eye out for those signs that she needs it.) I had a chat with the nursery staff so that we could be consistent. Remembering the advice from Dr Heather Wittenberg “To help your little one succeed, it’s important to take a consistent and relaxed approached”.

Here are key things that helped us deal with our potty training blips;
Reassure – It’s important not to get annoyed, and not to make a fuss. Having an accident can really cause some children a lot of stress and so being calm and reassuring is key.
Think  – Accidents do happen, take time to consider the reasons why – was your child distracted? Are they poorly? Are there a lot of changes happening for them at the minute? Is it just a random accident and not a pattern forming?
Plan – Remind your child about what to do if they need go to the toilet. (at nursery drop offs, I always remind my daughter that if she needs the toilet she needs to tell the staff) We started to ask more frequently if Boo needed the loo, this prompt was enough. Go back to what worked for you and your child the first time round. They have not forgotten they just need reminding.
Praise – When things go to plan make sure you let your child know how pleased you are, Dr Heather Wittenberg advocates that “Genuine, low-key, specific praise works best” and we agree, it’s definitely worked best for us.

It’s important to remember that “Accidents are normal, so it’s best to handle these with patience, reassurance and support.” It only took us a few days of going back to basics from potty training and we were back to normal. And now I know that we can handle any little blips that we have along the way (without the need to panic). It’s not only change that can cause these little blips but illness too – the only accidents at night we have had with Boo have been when she is poorly, so it’s important to take that in to account too.

I love that the 6 steps to potty training success, and the advice from Dr Heather Wittenberg, are still helping us, even after we felt like our potty training journey was over! It shows that they are great tools to help both parents and children with potty training.  For more information about the 6 Steps of Potty Training Success visit

It’s been great to share our potty training journey both on the blog and through our vlogs too. You can check out our last one below, where I share what I think to be the most important tool in the 6 steps tool kit!

You can see the start of our potty training journey here, and how we cracked it in only a few weeks here.

Which tips and advice have you found most useful for potty training?

This is a sponsored post as part of our work as Huggies Pull Ups Ambassadors. All opinions and words are my own – except those I have chosen to include from Dr Heather Wittenberg – which are marked as quotations.