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Today’s theme is about the support network that enables a woman to breastfeed.  I wasn’t really sure how to write this post as I can’t really say I had a support network, can one person be a network?

My Breastfeeding Support Network - there is only one person who I would say had made up my breastfeeding support network and that is my husband

I mean there were the midwives and breastfeeding support workers there at the beginning, for the first week or so – I don’t think I ever saw the same one twice and whilst they all did a great job it was only for that first week until I was felt I could latch Boo properly and then we were left to our own devices.

So, my husband has been my support network…

He was there from week 37-41 of my pregnancy helping me to hand express colostrum twice a day.

He was there to make sure I got skin to skin with Boo when she was born and he held her on his chest whilst I got out of the water birthing pool and was stitched up.

He was there at every night feed I needed him, sometimes just so I knew that someone else was awake with me too.

He was there to pass me the magical Lansinoh Nipple Cream, and he winced in sympathy whenever Boo latched on in those early days.

He was there to pass me the remote or to grab me snacks when I was stuck on the sofa feeding whenever he wasn’t at work.

He was there to tell me that he believed I could do it even when I didn’t believe it myself.

He was there sat blocking the view of me when I was feeding out and about in the early days and I was nervous.

He was there for every single night waking for the couple of weeks we weaned Boo off night feeds at 11 months old even though he had work the next day because he knew Boo would settle quicker with him

He was there to look after me when I had mastitis.

He was there to listen when I needed to complain, or worry.

He was there with me as we worried about acid reflux, allergies and the fact that Boo eats and drinks nothing but breast milk even at 18 months and attended every single appointment.

And because of him I have felt supported for every single one of the 601 days I have been breastfeeding Boo.

It is because of my husband I have managed to get to day 601 and because of him I know I will be supported if Boo is still feeding in another 601 days….

He is my rock, my soulmate and I couldn’t be happier than I am now knowing that Boo has a wonderful father and I have a wonderful husband.

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