Well here we are, my  monthly bucket list 2016 January update and it doesn’t seem like it’s been 5 minutes since I wrote my 2016 bucket list (maybe because it was late! haha).  It’s been a hard January at times but I am definitely feeling more positive now.  I am not sure we have done very well though!

My Monthly Bucket List January Update - I can't believe I am already writing this but here is my first update for 2016

Go to Harry Potter Studios –
Learn to drive … my theory test is booked! and now I need to study. Argh! Pretty sure I am going to fail the Hazard Perception.
Start Boo at nursery – I still haven’t sorted this, mainly because I don’t want Boo to go to nursery just yet, but I need to get going with it, it will be good for both of us
Take Boo to the beach at least twice in the summer
Take Boo horse riding
Learn to juggle – I really need to get practicing!
Bake Boo’s birthday cake
Go Ice Skating
Go through my photos and delete the blurry ones – I haven’t deleted any photos yet, I really need to get going with this one otherwise we are going to have no space left!
Go to the cinema at least twice – we were supposed to go see Star Wars but it didn’t happen so I am not sure what the next film we will want to go see is.
Take Boo to a pantomime
Read 13 books in 2016 – I am currently at 6 of 13 books for my challenge (which is probably why I haven’t done much else haha. I am tracking them on Good Reads which I have joined recently and it’s fab.  You can also see my books to read pile here….

Well nothing ticked off yet but a start on some of them! So that’s not too bad.

February’s Mini List 
1.Try to get organised on the blog and get posts scheduled at least a couple of days preferable a week in advance for the ones I can do.
2.Do some baking with Boo as it’s been a little while since we have done any and we both really enjoy it.
3.Buy myself a new pair of jeans – as I really need some
4. Probably should put something about Valentine’s day in here… erm – eat lots of chocolate on Valentine’s day … hehe

I am leaving it at 4 things for my mini list in February and hopefully I can update a the end of the month and say I did them all (I can totally see the blog organisation one being rolled over month to month like getting my hair done was last year… it’s the comedy goal!)

Have you got a bucket list for 2016?