I am actually quite excited to share our Bucket List 2017. It was such fun to create a Bucket List for 2016 and to share regular updates on the blog. You can see my last update for 2016 here. I felt that we did quite well last year – but we didn’t tick everything off! So I really hope we can tick everything off of our Bucket List 2017.  I wanted a list that pushes us this year – gets us out and about – so here goes!


Go to the beach at least twice (this was on last years but we only managed to visit once – so fingers crossed we do better this year!)
Go on a Family Holiday (it will be so lovely to get away again just the three of us as we had such a fab time at Bluestone Wales in April 2016.)
Bake/Cook something new with Boo (we made way too many cookies last year!)
See a Christmas Pantomime
Have a water fight in the garden
Visit a splash park (they look like such fun and I have never been)
Take Boo to see an Ice Skating Show (she is obsessed with Ice Skating so I know she would love this)
Visit the Zoo
Go on a boat
Go to CBeebies Land (Boo had such a great time when we visited last year)
Get a nice family photo of the three of us (I fear this may be asking for miracles – as I hate photos!)
Bake and Decorate a cake with Boo (even if it’s not for her birthday)
Visit a Castle that we have never been to before
Visit a city we have never been to before
Pick our own pumpkin
Go strawberry picking
Decorate Boo’s Room
Grow some Sunflowers
Create a Boo advent for Boo in 2017 (as it was such fun to make them in 2015 and 2016)
Have a picnic (let’s hope we get some sunshine over the summer!)

And a couple just for me (because I am greedy…)
Read 24 books just for me.
Actually get driving (I passed my test months ago and I have only driven a handful of times and never by myself)
Lose some weight (I am the heaviest I have been and although my Fibro makes exercise impossible a lot of days I need to try to do something!)
Be in at least 1 photo a month with Boo (I am not in enough photos and it’s so important)

So there we have our Bucket List 2017 – 20 goals for us and 4 goals for me. I will (when I feel like it) add some mini monthly goals – but this is the main list i am going to be focusing on this year. Fingers and toes crossed we can get everything ticked off – as if we do it looks like it’s going to be a fun year!

Have you got a Family Bucket List 2017?