Here we are with the February update for our Family Bucket List – I can’t believe we are in February already – this year is going to flash past even quicker than last year did! It’s been a bit of crazy month to be honest – I would probably have  ‘unexpected’ as the word of the month! Lots of lovely surprises and lots of fun. I am starting to feel a bit more positive about 2017 already!

Our Family Bucket List 2017 February Update Boo running in the grass

So here is how we have got on after one month.

Go to the beach at least twice: I can’t believe we are ticking this one off already – but we actually went to three different beaches in two days whilst we were away. But I am hoping we get to the seaside lots more over the summer!

Our Family Bucket List 2017 - Seaside
Go on a Family Holiday: In the middle of the month we were asked to go to Bluestone again, so off we went on the 23rd of January! We had such a great time and I will be sharing a full review of our time there next week! We are still planning a summer holiday to Cornwall later in the year though, so we have that to look forward too as well!
Bake/Cook something new with Boo (we made way too many cookies last year!)
See a Christmas Pantomime
Have a water fight in the garden
Visit a splash park (they look like such fun and I have never been)
Take Boo to see an Ice Skating Show (she is obsessed with Ice Skating so I know she would love this)
Visit the Zoo
Go on a boat
Go to CBeebies Land (Boo had such a great time when we visited last year)
Get a nice family photo of the three of us It’s a selfie but it’s a photo taken from what Boo declared the best day ever! And I just love it! And the three of us are in it!

Our Family Bucket List - Seaside Selfie
Bake and Decorate a cake with Boo (even if it’s not for her birthday)
Visit a Castle that we have never been to beforeDone! We visited Pembroke Castle whilst we were staying at Bluestone – we had a fab time and I will be sharing more photos soon.

Our Family Bucket List 2017 - Pembroke Castle
Visit a city we have never been to before
Pick our own pumpkin
Go strawberry picking
Decorate Boo’s Room
Grow some Sunflowers
Create a Book advent for Boo in 2017 (as it was such fun to make them in 2015 and 2016)
Have a picnic – We’ve done this one too – we had a picnic on the beach in Wales. Boo loves eating her sandwiches on the beach – and despite the fact she actually wanted to wear her hat (which never happens!) it wasn’t that cold either, to say it was January.

Our Family Bucket List 2017 - Beach Picnic

And a couple just for me (because I am greedy…)
Read 24 books just for me. – I am at two books already, Queen of the Damned and A Discover of Witches so I am on target!
Actually get driving Not done this yet
Lose some weight I have managed to lose 6lb since the new year which is a great start but this is ongoing so I am not going to tick it off just yet.
Be in at least 1 photo a month with Boo – well I can tick January off as we got our beach selfie, so now on to February’s photo

I can’t believe what we have manged to tick off this month and that we are on target for lots of other things still. I feel like this is a really positive February update! I am happy to say that it’s been a great start to the year. I hope that you have had a lovely January. What have you been up to this month?