I wasn’t sure what to call this, it isn’t a post filled with new year’s resolutions and it’s isn’t really a bucket list as such. I guess it really just is a collection of the hopes and dreams for 2018. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself as I know that stress of any sort causes massive flare up issues for me. I hope that I can achieve everything on this list, but if I don’t… there is always next year!

Hopes and Dreams for 2018 - star filled sky

Me Time – I have become aware, since being diagnosed with a chronic illness, that me time really is important. I can’t be there for my family if I haven’t been looking after myself. Though I must admit that it’s really hard to stop the guilt that comes with making time for myself, whether it be something like getting a bath or doing some reading.

Sugar Free January – I am feeling brave and so I am hoping that I can manage this one, I think that this is going to be the toughest things on my list. I am using this as a chance to try and reset some bad habits, like drinking more fizzy drinks than I should and eating way too many treats on a night after my daughter has gone to bed. I don’t want to give up sugar altogether but I definitely want to reduce the amount I consume.

Complete my reading challenge – I will be writing about this in more detail in the next couple of days, but I have set myself the challenge of reading 24 books this year. I am looking forward to discovering lots of lovely new books and authors this year like I did in 2017.

Upload Music on to my phone – I have so much music I need to get uploaded on my phone, but it’s just something I haven’t gotten round to since getting my ‘new’ phone (which was over a year ago). This one should be fairly simple, especially if I get my husband to lend a hand.

Finish the first draft of my WIP  – I have been working on this a lot since I did my last update, though most of it is planning and research and working out plot points and, of course, all important worldbuilding. I am still so excited about the project, I love the characters and the world I am creating feels almost magical to me. It’s hard to believe that these characters and world are my creations at times.

Focus on starting my Masters – I am feeling really excited about starting my Masters this year, I have lots of pre-reading to do before it’s October start date. So although it seems far away I know how fast time can go when you have lots to do! Before the summer holidays I would like to complete all of my pre-reading so that I can be totally ready for the start of the course!

Start taking more Photos – over the past year I have noticed that the amount of photos I have taken has reduced dramatically. I think having a long break from blogging was partly responsible. One of the things I love about blogging is that it spurs me on to take more photos and I love looking back at them all. So this year I would like to get back in to the habit of taking more photos.

Ok so looking back at my list it seems longer than I thought, but still – it’s filled with lots of lovely, happy and exciting things so I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be a wonderful year! And if you want you can take a look at our Family Bucket List for 2018 to see what we are going to be up to.

Have you got any hopes or dreams for 2018?