Well it’s been a busy month and I really feel like I have not stopped all month, so I am hoping that this is reflected in my lists and I can actually start to tick some things off!! So here goes…

My Monthly Bucket List - My update for August, I feel like I have had a busy month - but there is always more to do

Take Boo to the Pantomine (Christmas)
Go Ice Skating with the Hubby – looking at doing this for my 30th birthday in November!
Read at least 12 books (for me) – Being doing some more reading so I am now on 8! Go me!!
Boo to meet her half brothers for the first time! 
Take Boo to build a bear
Take Boo to the seaside for the first time
Take Boo swimming for the first time –
Learn to drive – starting lessons in the next couple of weeks!
Introduce Bedtime Story in to Boo’s bedtime routine –
Go to the cinema with the Hubby –  Went to see the terminator movie and it was amazing, had a massive bucket of popcorn, which was also great!
Make a book advent calendar for Boo for December – Still 17/24 books now! Woohoo
Bake Boo’s 2nd Birthday Cake –


Mini Bucket List July

Finish my blogs I love page -done (well a widget) but done!
Get practicing with my new camera – having lots of fun, need more practise!
Dye my hair – the greys are taking over – letting the grey take over…
Buy a giant slushy when we go to the cinema! Done!
Enjoy the rest of the week that the boys are visiting here! Done! 
Remember to water the sunflowers so they don’t die! – Done – they are still alive!!

Wow feeling so productive for July!! I hope August will be as good!

Well here is August’s Mini List…

Dye My Hair… 
Lose some weight, it’s all starting now and I actually feel a little bit motivated, not sure how long this will last so need to make it count!
Carry on with Boo’s weaning down to two feeds 
Get more organised on the blog