Ok so this is a little late – it’s the 14th of January and I am just posting this (and writing it!) so I should probably put improve my organisation skills on the list!

Our Bucket List 2016 - lots of new things to do and a few I have moved over from last year - but will get I get them all done before the end of the year

Now I had such fun doing a bucket list for 2015 I just knew I was going to do another one for this year, and I have been doing monthly updates which has helped me check on how we have been doing and organising what I want to do! So here, a little late, is my bucket list for 2016… *fanfare*

Go to Harry Potter Studios – this one better get ticked off as my husband and I were not only give tickets but an offer of baby sitting for Boo!
Learn to drive … note to self book theory test
Start Boo at nursery – as I think it will be good for us both to have some time where we are not together as currently she does not go to childcare
Take Boo to the beach at least twice in the summer when she can actually go in the sea (we are in the midlands so it’s going to be a bit of a trek!)
Take Boo horse riding – I know she would love it – though might have to wait until nearer the end of the year?
Learn to juggle – I have always wanted to but Boo is so impressed with when my stepdad juggles that I really really want to learn now!
Bake Boo’s birthday cake – rather than cheating and buying one and decorating it (cough cough)
Go Ice Skating – we didn’t get this one done last year so I am adding it on to this list along with the cake one!
Go through my photos and delete the blurry ones – I haven’t delete a single photo I have taken of Boo ever, so there are some really blurry ones and you can’t actually see them – so some deleting is in order!
Go to the cinema at least twice – though there are lots of movies I know are coming out that I really want to see this year! So hopefully we will go more than twice!
Take Boo to a pantomime – this one is another from last year – but I am hoping by next Christmas Boo will be able to sit still for longer than 5 minutes!

So this is our 2016 list – I hope we get to tick it all off!

And like last year, I am going to do monthly bucket list updates and mini lists – as it was so much fun and I am sure I will think of more things I want to add to this list as the year goes on!

Have you got a 2016 bucket list?